Aaron Kwok drove car into thick of protests while trying to buy diapers for his daughter

Not every day you run into a movie star.

Kayla Wong | September 9, 05:21 pm


Hong Kong’s mega celebrity Aaron Kwok was caught in the middle of protests in the city on Sunday evening, Sept. 8, while he was out getting diapers for his daughter.

Protesters gathered around his car

Kwok had driven his black Lamborghini on Morrison Hill Road in Wan Chai, where protesters had gathered.

As the area was packed with people, he had to slow his car down.

That was when protesters noticed it was him sitting in the driver’s seat.

Excited to have a superstar in their midst, they then started crowding around his car, snapping pictures of him and even taking selfies of themselves with him.

Out getting diapers for daughter

Perhaps knowing that he could no longer pretend that it was not him in the car, Kwok rolled his window down and said, “I’m getting diapers for my daughter.”

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He repeated that again when the reporter asked him how he felt about the protests, Apply Daily HK reported.

After getting held up for a few moments, protesters then cleared the road to let him through.

Kwok has two daughters with Shanghainese model-actress Moka Fang, who first gained fame in 2012 after appearing on a matchmaking variety show.

Their first daughter, named Chantelle, was born in September 2017.

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Their second daughter, whose name was not revealed, was born in April this year.

Hong Kong protesters praise him

Although Kwok chose to remain mum on the ongoing protests — choosing not to answer when a reporter asked him if he was worried about protesters roughing his expensive ride up — he managed to get on the protesters’ good side.

Protesters felt appreciative of him not getting angry at them for slowing his car down and possibly disrupting his plans.

Some even interpreted the simple move as Kwok showing his support for the protesters in a subtle way.

This is not the first time Kwok’s name was associated with fringes of the protest.

Kwok’s appearance as a cop in the movie Cold War 2 was included in a propaganda video that Chinese state media produced to praise the Hong Kong police.

Chinese state media use fictional Hong Kong police movie clips to praise actual Hong Kong police force


The 14th straight week of protests had just ended in the city of Hong Kong.

What started as a peaceful rally on Sept. 8 later turned violent towards the evening, with frontline protesters starting fires and smashing windows.

Some protesters even called for the United States to “liberate” Hong Kong, waving the American flag and singing the American national anthem in front of the U.S. consulate general.

Hong Kong protesters sing American anthem, call on President Trump to ‘liberate’ Hong Kong

Chinese state media reiterated that Hong Kong is an “inseparable” part of China, and that any form of secession “will be crushed”.

China state media warns Hong Kong separatists will be crushed

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