Actress Vivian Lai reveals why she kept silent about husband’s Pokka saga all this time

She said she is under a lot of stress.

Joshua Lee | August 31, 2019 @ 12:38 am


Actress Vivian Lai, the wife of Pokka’s former CEO, Alain Ong, has come out to publicly address the news that Pokka is suing Ong for S$6.51 million, which broke a few days earlier.

Lai under a lot of stress

In an interview with 8World, Lai said this is one of the big hurdles in her life and as a public figure, she is under a lot of stress.

She added that while the stress is immense, she is keeping it together for her family.

“I have multiple identities, as a mother and a wife, so I have a responsibility towards my family,” she said.

“I have to be responsible for this family. So life has to go on. If you cannot accept things as they are, you will find it hard to get past this hurdle.”

Lai during her interview. Screengrab from 8World.

She added that this phase will pass because “when you are are innocent, you don’t need to explain more, a lot of things will slowly come to light”.

Lai said that when Ong got into trouble with Pokka in 2018, the revelation shook her world.

While her family’s trust and relationship with each other is important, Lai added that such things can destroy a family, so she needs to have strong willpower.

Chose not to speak in 2018

She revealed that she chose not to respond last year because it was not proper for her to express her own personal opinions about the case when it had to be dealt with through formal channels.

Pokka CEO Alain Ong, hubby of Pokka ambassador Vivian Lai, suspended pending internal audit

However, a year on, the case has been dredged up again and friends from the media have been camping outside her house waiting for news.

Lai said that it has affected her family’s daily lives.

Lai also said that this incident will not affect her job as a Mediacorp artiste.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, Lai is no longer accepting media interviews.

Ong, through his lawyer, clarified that he is currently assisting the Commercial Affairs Department with the case and that he is not the target of investigations.

Top image via Pokka. 

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