2 youths fight older man at Redhill Close, GrabFood rider & passers-by break it up


Sulaiman Daud | August 17, 2019 @ 08:52 pm


A fight involving two youths and an older man has been caught on camera. (Update: Three men have been arrested.)

The video was uploaded by Facebook user Liew Chee Keong on Aug. 17, and the altercation appears to have taken place at Redhill Close.

The post has since gathered more than 4,200 shares, although little context was provided.

It is also not known when the incident actually occurred.

Original post here:

In case you can’t see it:

Punches thrown

It is not known what caused the altercation, as the video begins with the three already squaring off — one youth in a black t-shirt, the other in a white t-shirt, against the older man.

One youth slaps the older man in the face, causing him to stumble backwards against a red car.

He hits him again, and this time the older man falls over.

GrabFood rider tries to stop the fight

At this point, passers-by attempt to break up the fight, including a GrabFood rider, who stopped his motorcycle.

However, they were unable to prevent the older man from getting kicked in the head and back repeatedly by the youths.

The older man said something to one of the youths, and was hit in the back of the head and kicked in the back by the other youth.

However he didn’t walk away and appears to have hurled vulgarities at the youths, who responded in kind.

Another attempt at defusing the fight

A woman approached the older man and held on to his hand, as bystanders tried to separate the fighters.

“Uncle, enough, uncle. I know it’s their fault, but yet you shouldn’t have, it’s actually it’s no one’s fault, but why you start first, uncle?”

He replied, “They challenged me.”

And she said, “Even if they challenged, you shouldn’t have (unintelligible).”

Unfortunately, this did not put an end to the hostilities.

More violence

The youths get near the older man again, shouting vulgarities.

One of them shoves him while the other aims a kick at him.

After a few more sharp words, the youth wearing black said “I mind my own business, you come and punch me.”

The video cuts off at that point.

Hope the GrabFood rider didn’t get a low rating if he was on the way to a delivery.

3 men arrested, aged 17 to 55, arrested after fighting at Redhill Close

Top image from Liew Chee Keong’s video.

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