S’pore actor Thomas Ong retiring in 2020

His last show is scheduled to air in June 2020.

Joshua Lee | August 30, 2019 @ 11:31 am


Local actor Thomas Ong is retiring from acting in 2020, after mulling over the decision for half a year.

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, the veteran actor said that he will be filming what he believes is his last show in January 2020. The show, “Super Dad”, is scheduled to air in June 2020.

The veteran actor has been in television shows like “Metamorphosis”, “C.L.I.F 2”, and the “You Can Be An Angel” series.

The 50-year-old told Shin Min that at his age, he is tired of acting and wants to do other things.

He added that since October, he has an idea of what he wants to do, but refuses to divulge future plans. However, Ong promised to make an announcement when the time is right.

According to Shin Min, Ong, a “blur sotong”, is known to remember the wrong filming dates, board the wrong flights, and even lose his wallet countless times.

For instance, Ong recently lost his wallet in Thailand. The wallet contained 18,000 Thai baht (S$816). Stranded without any identification documents, Ong had to depend on a Thai auntie to buy him food from a food court.

Luckily, a Thai driver picked up his wallet and returned it — with cash intact — to a police station.

Ong is also known to have been supporting a Cambodian school called Sopheak’s Friendship School since 2013.

In May this year, an unnamed Singaporean actor was accused of pouring S$100,000 a year into a phoney non-governmental organisation in Cambodia.

After people suggested that Ong was the actor in question, he had to publicly clarify that he was not involved with that particular NGO. 

Thomas Ong is not S’porean actor who donated S$100K a year to phoney Cambodian NGO

Guess we’ll be waiting to see what Ong will be up to next.

Top image via Thomas Ong/Facebook.


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