Video of grisly 'Tampines Mall' stabbing likely took place in Jakarta

Doesn't look like Singapore.

Tanya Ong | August 28, 2019, 11:34 AM

A video involving a grisly stabbing scene that allegedly took place in "Tampines Mall" has been making the rounds.

Fatal stabbing incident

According to a tweet, a video of the "fatal stabbing" has been circulating on WhatsApp, allegedly occurring at Tampines Mall.

The same video has also been uploaded to YouTube:

In the video, a large pool of blood can be seen on the floor of the mall. A small crowd can be seen gathering outside the restaurant where the incident purportedly took place.

Screenshot from YouTube video.

The video also shows several people attending to a casualty.

Screenshot from YouTube video.

Unlikely to have happened in Singapore

It is unlikely that the incident took place at Tampines Mall, or even in Singapore.

The video shows an Ovo poster regarding a 20 per cent cashback promotion.

Screenshot from YouTube video.

Ovo is a telco company that cannot be found in Singapore.

Stabbing incident reported in Jakarta

Several Indonesian media outlets also reported on a video of a stabbing incident that took place in Pluit Village, which is a mall in Jakarta.

According to Merdeka, the incident allegedly involved a restaurant employee stabbing his colleague in the neck. The incident took place on Aug. 25.

This is what the mall looks like:

Via Pluit Village website.

The layout of escalators and mall fixtures also look similar to the environment captured in the video.

Top photo via video screenshot.