Ex-CEO Alain Ong accuses Pokka of bribing M’sian authorities & finding him a ‘dissident’


Zhangxin Zheng | August 29, 2019 @ 07:55 pm


Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao revealed in an exclusive that Pokka is suing its former chief executive officer, Alain Ong, for alleged illegal dealings with Kimly Limited and Asian Story Corporation.

Pokka suing ex-CEO Alain Ong for S$6.51 million in losses

Ong is the husband of local celebrity Vivian Lai, who was made the ambassador of Pokka during Ong’s term.

Who’s Alain Ong? Here are 5 facts about the Pokka CEO, & hubby of former Pokka ambassador Vivian Lai

Ong accused Pokka of bribery & sale to North Korea

In the latest development, Wanbao reported the other side of the story as they retrieved Ong’s statement from court documents.

According to the report on Aug. 29, Ong claimed that the higher management at Pokka’s headquarters, Pokka Sapporo, bribed the Malaysian authorities in Johor Bahru to obtain a business permit.

Ong said that he strongly objected the act of bribery at that point in time.

He also alleged that Pokka wanted to sell products to a middleman agent from North Korea, but Ong, again, objected to this idea.

Ong added that he was rebutted several times during the company’s meetings too.

As such, he accused higher management at Pokka Sapporo of trying to get rid of him through a lawsuit as he was a “dissident” to them.

In Ong’s defence, he said that the Pokka management wanted to shame him and affect his future job prospects through this lawsuit, mainly because of their disagreements on these two incidents.

Instruct domestic helper to lie that they are not at home

According to Wanbao, Ong and Lai told their helper to tell the reporter that they were not at home to avoid questions.

When the reporter visited their Bukit Timah semi-detached house, Ong and Lai were seen at home.

The reporter noticed a Maserati parked outside the house and another two vehicles in the house.

The lights in the living room were on initially and the reporter saw the couple through the gates.

The reporter pressed the doorbell and saw Lai speak briefly to the helper.

However, when the helper came over, she told the reporter that the couple was not around.

Even after the reporter told her that the couple was spotted in the house, the helper just returned back without a response.

The couple was seen speaking to the helper afterward and the three of them just went further into the house.

Lights in the living room were switched off as well.

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