Osaka Aquarium's famous chubby seal is now a pillow you can squish

An absolute unit.

Ashley Tan | August 26, 2019, 07:56 PM

For those of you who have been to the Aquarium Kaiyukan in Osaka, Japan, you've probably marvelled at their whale sharks, manta rays and penguins.

But among their line-up of underwater creatures, you might have noticed one particularly adorable inhabitant.

Yuki-chan, Osaka's famous ringed seal

Meet Yuki-chan, the aquarium's resident ringed seal.

Photo from @_bulletproofing / Twitter

Yuki previously made it to internet stardom for her rather prominent chubbiness, with some netizens describing her as "roly-poly".

Here are some photos of her perfect roundness.

Photo from @NofNewsFilipino / Twitter

Photo from @ChinaDaily / Twitter

There's also one pretty viral video of Yuki getting her head squished back, which accentuates her round figure.

She apparently does this to prevent her neck from feeling the chill, reported Kyodo News.

Lifelike pillow of Yuki-chan

And now, fans of the famous seal can bring home a realistic pillow in Yuki's likeness.

Sold on Japanese online store Felissimo, this is what the fluffy pillow looks like. It even has the same plumpness and lifelike fur patterns.

Photo from Felissimo

Almost a perfect resemblance to the real thing.

Photo from @Mulboyne / Twitter

The pillow also has a cute snout, flippers, and tail to add to the realistic design.

Photo from Felissimo

Photo from Felissimo

Photo from Felissimo

The pillow fits just right on your armchair too.

Photo from Felissimo

Yuki-chan and friend

If you want more than one seal to take home with you, Yuki-chan comes alongside a second pillow of another seal at the aquarium, named Arare-chan.

Photo from Felissimo

Photo from Felissimo

You can hug lovable Arare-chan, and her smiling face to sleep too.

Photo from Felissimo

The seal pillows are around 60cm in length and 28cm in height.

Very adorable.

However, both pillows don't come exactly cheap—including tax, each costs ¥6,700 (S$87.85) via Felissimo.

Delivery to Singapore will set you back by another ¥1,000 (S$13.11).

Unfortunately, it appears sales for the pillow have been suspended on the site for the month of September, and interested buyers can only make their purchases October onwards.

Those who want to get their hands on Yuki-chan and Arare-chan soon however, can check out another, albeit much pricier, site, where it appears both pillows are being sold, for US$70 (S$97.15). Shipping costs US$45 (62.45).

Happy shopping (if you’re willing to splash).

Top photo from Felissimo and @Mulboyne / Twitter