Extra thick double-fried chicken from Taiwan’s Monga Fried Chicken coming to Spore ‘soon’


Mandy How | August 20, 2019 @ 06:10 pm


It’s difficult to go wrong with fried chicken.

To get it absolutely right, however, is also a feat.

But Monga Fried Chicken sounds like they are up for the challenge.

Established in Taiwan, the brand now has dozens of outlets in its home ground and has even ventured to Canada, the U.K., and Malaysia.

Thick chicken fillets

Monga Fried Chicken sets itself apart with its thicker-than-usual chicken fillets.

Each fillet is at least 2cm thick, which apparently ensures a juicy end-product even as the chicken is fried under high temperatures.

Instead of granulated sugar, honey is used to flavour the the chicken, which is also supposed to make the fillet tender.

The fillet is then double-fried with an optimum amount of flour for a crisp skin with no greasiness — according to them, at least.

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Crispy Chicken ? ======================================== ?NEW ITEMS? @mongacanada will be adding some pretty cool new items to their menu. In stores by July 8th are their Popcorn Chicken, Thai Iced Tea, and the Golden Bun! ? • In addition, they will soon be launching their Crispy Chicken, Bubble Tea, and Tempura Snacks by mid-August! ? • *In addition these guys will also be at NIGHT IT UP this year!!! Check them out @ Booth E3!* ? ______________________________________________ Pictured here is their signature Monga Crispy Chicken. Each piece is fried to perfection so that the meat remains juicy and the coating becomes extra crispy. They also dust it with this nice and savoury seasoning which really provides another level of chicken flavour. When I first tried the chicken, I instantly knew that this was the tastiest fried chicken I've ever tried. (Sorry Popeyes fans! ?) *Counting down the days until they launch this on their menu.* ______________________________________________ I want to express my thanks to @be.creativemedia and @mongacanada for hosting and setting up such a delicious meal for us!

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In Taiwan, the fillet comes in three flavours — salt and pepper, seaweed, and spicy.

Monga Singapore’s Instagram account features these seasonings, so they might be the ones we’re getting:

They also have deep fried chicken skin — quite the trend nowadays.

Other items on their overseas menu include fried buns, popcorn chicken, and sweet potato fries.

Keep a lookout on their Instagram page for more details.

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