JJ Lin gathers courage to approach unwitting fan in role reversal, says it’s his ‘first time’ doing it

He was worried that the girls would not recognise him.

Mandy How | August 22, 2019 @ 12:03 pm


Singaporean singer JJ Lin is a huge star.

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Like, huge.

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Earlier in April, Lin started uploading YouTube vlogs of himself, doing normal things like cooking, playing football, and preparing for sell-out concerts.

In his latest vlog uploaded on August 15, Lin shares an encounter he had with a member of his VIP fan club 林距離 (JJ Federation) in a cafe. 

The video is five minutes long.

“… if nobody recognises me, what will I do?”

Lin first spots the girl wearing his fan club tee (in black).

She, however, hasn’t noticed him.

Screenshot from JJ Lin林俊傑/YouTube

“The T-shirt is really quite well-designed,” the singer quips in Mandarin.

After more discreet observations and surreptitious filming, Lin thinks about approaching the fan, who was dining with another female companion.

“I’m worried that if I approach them, and nobody recognises me, what will I do? Will it be very awkward? She might think I’m trying to hit on her.”

He then rehearses some lines with his assistant, whom he was having lunch with — “Hi, how are you?” Can we take a photo together? Good ok ok.”

Meeting the fans

Two minutes and some dithering later, Lin finally gets up to approach the girls.

Here he is, steeling himself (the fans are in the right-hand corner).

Screenshot from JJ Lin林俊傑/YouTube

“I’ve never done such a thing before,” he mutters as he gets up.

The two girls not realise what was going on at first.

Then they did. (It’s better with sound though. Timecode 2:50.)

Screenshot from JJ Lin林俊傑/YouTube
We feel you, lady. Screenshot from JJ Lin林俊傑/YouTube

The fan in the black tee turns incoherent and struggles to string random syllabus together, but manages to say “hi”.

She appeared to be close to tears as well.

Screenshot from JJ Lin林俊傑/YouTube

In the course of their conversation, the fan told Lin that she actually came to Taiwan because of him.

In fact, she dined at this particular cafe because it was the same one Lin had visited. She even chose to sit at the spot that he previously occupied.

She thought that the singer might return to Taipei because of his upcoming concert (Lin held several concerts in Taipei earlier this year).

Lin then asked her if the food was nice.

Fan: I haven’t started eating yet, I was going to take photos of it.

Lin: Do you want to eat first?

Fan: I want to take a photo with you first.

Lin apologises for filming her stealthily, and asks for her name.

He offers her hand for a handshake and she squeals upon taking it.

Screenshot from JJ Lin林俊傑/YouTube

Afterwards, the fan thanks Lin for writing the songs, and confesses that his music has helped her through tough times.

Even though she doesn’t have much money, she adds, she will continue to attend his concerts when possible.

The three of them take some selfies/wefies together before Lin heads back to his own table.

Screenshot from JJ Lin林俊傑/YouTube
Screenshot from JJ Lin林俊傑/YouTube


Here’s the video, in case you didn’t watch it just now:

Top image via JJ Lin林俊傑/YouTube

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