Japanese stall sells rice bowls topped with bubble tea pearls

When bubble tea is love, bubble tea is life.

Kayla Wong| Julia Yeo| August 23, 12:41 PM

Hold your horses, bubble tea lovers.

Thanks to the recent burgeoning bubble tea craze worldwide, quite a number of weird bubble tea-inspired creations have sprouted out of nowhere, such as bubble tea mooncakes:

Giant bubble tea cakes:

And cute bubble tea lamps for you to appreciate while drinking bubble tea:

As usual, Japan is finding ways to one-up the world with their crazy ideas.

Pearl rice bowl?

A shop located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, has taken the Japanese internet by storm with its new menu item: Rice topped with bubble tea pearls.

Image via Asahi TV News

Soy sauce-flavoured pearls

A hot item at Fuji Soba in Tokyo, the full name of the dish is "Mini ikura-style tapioca rice bowl".

Ikura is Japanese for salmon roe.

While the pearls resemble salmon roe commonly found in ikura rice bowls in Japan, the taste and texture are distinctly different.

Image via Asahi TV News

Instead of tasting like the sweet pearls normally found in bubble tea, the ones used in this particular rice bowl taste savoury as they are soaked in soy sauce first.

While you might think that pearls and rice are a weird combination, the host from Asahi TV News clearly enjoyed it when she tried it for the first time.

"The slightly tough texture of the pearls go surprisingly well with the fluffiness of the soft rice," she gushed.

Sold 200 bowls in a day

According to Asahi TV News, about 200 bowls of the ikura-style pearl rices are sold in a day.

Many who tried it said it tastes delicious.

A Chinese customer who was interviewed by Asahi TV News even thought he was eating caviar.

The pearl rice bowl appears to be popular among customers of all ages, who are pleasantly surprised that the odd combination actually works.

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Cover photo via Asahi News TV