S’pore man says he got diarrhoea from Korean BBQ, restaurant replies they are ‘not halal’


Mandy How | August 16, 2019 @ 06:03 pm


Korean BBQ, although slightly cumbersome, usually leaves you satiated.

Not for one Hakim Ahmad though.

The customer reportedly got a “massive diarrhoea” for two days after dining at I’m Kim Korean BBQ.

Here is Hakim’s review, posted on August 12, 2019:

And here is the restaurant’s reply: 

Which leaves us just a bit confused.

Is non-halal food incapable of causing food poisoning?

Who knows.

¯ \_()_/¯

Anyway, here is Hakim’s rather measured reply.

Hakim says that he has eaten plenty of non-halal food before, and enjoys Korean BBQ in particular.

And here’s a massive u-turn by the restaurant, who says they are “very sorry” for their colleague’s “poor reply”.

About half a day later, I’m Kim apologises to Hakim once more.

To which Hakim replied:

Under the same review, Hakim’s friends revealed more about their dining experience at the BBQ restaurant.

Five of them had attended the dinner, and all of them had gotten diarrhoea.


In response, some customers were aghast at the restaurant’s reply:

However, others felt that Hakim and his friends were to blame for their diarrhoea, as there was no report of mass food poisoning.

Furthermore, Korean BBQ required the customers to cook for themselves, and cross-contamination may occur if diners are not careful.

Nonetheless, another Facebook user pointed out that someone else had experienced the same thing a month ago:

Anyway, if you are still keen to dine at I’m Kim Korean BBQ, please take note of this pertinent piece of information:

Top image via Hakim Ahmad and I’m Kim Korean BBQ on Facebook

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