Guy calls girlfriend fat for wanting ice cream, girlfriend stabs him to death

I scream, you scream, everybody scream.

Julia Yeo | August 16, 2019, 03:35 PM

Think before you speak, boyfriends.

Photo via Weibo

A man in Henan, China, was stabbed to death with a pair of scissors on August 14 by his girlfriend after he ridiculed her for "being fat and still wanting to eat ice cream", according to a TVBS report.

Bought a pair of scissors

The woman in question reportedly bought a pair of scissors from a nearby shop soon after her boyfriend made the insulting comment.

In silent rage, she stabbed him four times with the pair of scissors, on the shopping street itself.

Onlooking passers-by immediately contacted the police and called for an ambulance, but it was too late to save him by the time the police had arrived.

The paramedics tried to save the man by sending him to a hospital for emergency treatment, but it was too late as he had lost too much blood.

Woman tried to escape

The woman was arrested after she reportedly tried to escape, and suffered minor injuries as well.

According to TVBS, the couple had been dating for less than a month.

Cover image via Jean Balzan/IG, 马聪明_congcong/weibo