Hougang NPC police sergeant Christian evokes tingly feelings of safety in many S’poreans

Hoegang damn good.

Nyi Nyi Thet |Melanie Lim | August 24, 2019 @ 03:46 pm


It’s real rough in Singapore, almost a Mad Max-style dystopia.

Well, it really isn’t but some WhatsApp comments might lead some to believe it is.

Messages claiming massive “gang war” happening in S’pore is fake, police clarifies

That’s why the policemen deserve some shine every now and then.

Hougang Neighbourhood Police Centre, and we’re sure loads of other NPC’s, sometimes feature policemen on their Facebook page.

It’s a great way for residents to familiarise themselves with those who are serving and protecting them, and it must feel great for the policemen to be recognised as well.

With really appreciative residents, and friends, chiming in with their support.

Screenshot from Hougang NPC

On Aug. 24, 2019, Hougang NPC once again featured another of their police officers, this time it was sergeant Christian.

Here he is.

Image from Hougang NPC

He joined the force because he “wanted a job that offers a host of experiences, giving me insights into the different facets of society and at the same time helping the vulnerable”.

According to the post, Christian also enjoys working out during his free time.

Image from Hougang NPC

Just like the other profile features, comments thanking the police dutifully came.

But, there were some that felt a little off.

With issues of poaching being raised.

And, oh my gosh.

Here’s a picture of him eating ice cream to take the heat off.

Image from Hougang NPC

Image from Hougang NPC

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