Elderly man in S'pore accumulates piles of donated soy sauce & instant noodles as he doesn't cook

Enough items to open a shop.

Ashley Tan | August 29, 2019, 06:51 PM

Recently, a local welfare organisation called Keeping Hope Alive highlighted the recurring problem of donating to the needy things that they don't need.

They emphasised the necessity of asking what kind of food or donations beneficiaries require, as sometimes, most of the donated items of groceries and other non-perishables go to waste.

Additionally, commonly donated items such as instant noodles are not the best options as they are not considered healthy choices for the elderly.

Piles of unused food donations

On August 28, one Fion Phua posted online of another incident featuring the same problem.

Phua and several other volunteers had apparently been visiting the house of an 80-year-old man when they stumbled upon the piles of food donations.

Photos she uploaded showed heaps of instant noodle packets and countless bottles of condiments like soy sauce taking up space on the kitchen countertop.

Photo from Fion Phua / FB

Photo from Fion Phua / FB

What was worse, was that all these donations were untouched and unused, because according to Phua, the beneficiary does not cook.

Photo from Fion Phua / FB

Photo from Fion Phua / FB

Such an incident clearly brought forth the importance of assessing beneficiary's needs to prevent donations from going to waste. Phua said:

"Are we giving what the recipients need? Or are we giving just to comfort ourselves that we have done a 'good' deed? Think again."

In a previous Facebook post, Keeping Hope Alive stated that food vouchers might be the most appropriate form of donations, as the needy would be able to purchase the food they wanted or required.

Additionally, volunteers could accompany the needy to the nearest shops to help them buy groceries if necessary.

Here's the original post:

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Top photo from Fion Phua / FB