Medal-winning woman Chinese athletes accused of 'looking like men'

Chinese piracy at its finest?

Julia Yeo | August 27, 2019, 05:37 PM

Two women athletes from China have come under intense public scrutiny for looking like men.

The two Chinese athletes, Liao Mengxue, 24, and Tong Zhenhuan, 24, won gold and silver respectively at the national sports meet earlier this year.

Unfortunately, for two Chinese athletes from Hunan, they have created a storm on Chinese social media after making it on the podium at the recent National Track and Field Championships in Daqing, China.

Look like men

According to People's Daily China, the pair went viral on Chinese social media, with the majority of commenters remarking that they "looked like men".

Image via Weibo

Really not a guy???

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I saw the interview before, sounds like a man too

Some were also curious about other aspects of their lives.

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Will they get beaten up for entering the ladies' toilet?


Competed both nationally and internationally

The pair previously competed internationally, representing China at the IAAF World Relay Championships in Yokohama, Japan, in May 2019.

Liao and Tong first came under the social media spotlight in July 2019, according to South China Morning Post, after their success at the Shenyang National Athletics Championships.

Liao Mengxue, photo via 脊梁in上海/Weibo

Superior performance on track

Liao and Tong competed in the 4x400m women's relay together, representing Hunan, and easily beat their rivals with almost three seconds to spare.

Liao Mengxue, photo via 脊梁in上海/Weibo

Liao also won the individual 400m race, while Tong came in third.

The Chinese Athletic Association has disputed the rumours, clarifying that both athletes are female.

Cover image via People's Daily China/FB