BTO in Canberra uses materials from construction sites for unique interior design


Nyi Nyi Thet | August 19, 2019, 05:44 PM

This might be one of the more unique interior decorations for a Singapore home.

Erstudio is an interior design company that offers "comprehensive interior design solutions and consultancy to transform your living spaces".

And in fairness to them, this is pretty much as transformed as you can get for an HDB flat.

Here is the living room.

Image from erstudio

With a big old painting of what appears to be the Joker and Harley-ish figures on the wall.

Image from erstudio

The biohazard themes run across the entire department.

Image from erstudio

Image from erstudio

The other rooms, though, while a little less post-nuclear punk dystopia, still oozes uniqueness.

Awesome bookshelf and blackboard.

Image from erstudio

Image from erstudio

Also, home theatre!

Image from erstudio

According to the description in an album of these pictures uploaded to the firm's Facebook page:

"This BTO apartment at Canberra Street is like no other. Going against conventional design themes, the home was customised with a raw finish. Materials were sourced from non-typical suppliers — think construction grounds and warehouses."

You can see the entire post on their Facebook page here.

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