27-year-old Indonesian lady & 83-year-old man fall in love, get married within a month

All you need is love.

Fasiha Nazren | Sulaiman Daud | August 22, 2019, 12:30 PM

For this Indonesian couple, age is no barrier to love.

27-year-old Nuraeni married 83-year-old Sudirgo, a "wise man" and healer from Tegal, Java, Indonesia, according to INews Indonesia.

He helped her through a rough spot

They met in July 2019 when Nuraeni visited his house together with her parents.

According to Kompas, Nuraeni's father sought help as she was struggling with depression, and brought her to consult Sudirgo.

After a few sessions with Sudirgo, also known as Mbah Dirgo, Nuraeni reportedly began to feel better.

She began calling Sudirgo, inviting him to visit her house. Said Sudirgo, "She would always call me and ask me to go to her house."

She proposed, he said yes

After getting to know each other, Sudirgo said yes when Nuraeni proposed.

Pictures of their wedding ceremony were shared on Instagram on Aug. 18.

Said Nuraeni, according to Detik, "My husband's children asked me several times, they wonder why I didn't find someone who is of a similar age. But I still like this grandfather."


Top image from Yuni Rusmini's Instagram page.