LAMC Productions co-owner claims responsibility for Guns N' Roses S'pore concert snafus

He says concerts will still be held at Changi Exhibition Centre in the future though.

Belmont Lay | February 27, 2017, 05:56 PM

Guns N' Roses played a scorching two hour and 45 minute first-ever concert in Singapore to 50,000 fans on Feb. 25, 2017.

However, the overall experience of this Not In This Lifetime tour gig at Changi Exhibition Centre was marred by logistical snafus that have been widely reported.

Co-owner of LAMC Productions, Ross Knudson has since spoken out, claiming full responsibility for shortcomings.

In an interview with on Feb. 27, Knudson said:

"First of all, I take full responsibility. I'm not going to blame other people," Knudson says. "I just take full responsibility for everything."

However, he failed to explain the rationale for certain decisions that led to the snafus, but instead described their failings.

For example, as to why concert-goers had to use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) wrist bands instead of cash for payments at the venue, it was simply described as a "newly-introduced system" that bypassed the traditional cash method of making payments.

This resulted in a bottleneck as long queues formed to top up the RFID wrist bands with credit and also long lines for food and beverages subsequently as there were not enough vendors to cater to the large crowds.

Knudson said: "That's also another level of logistics we had to deal with, and we didn't put enough time and effort on that."

Addressing concerns that traffic before and after the concert was horrendous as getting to and from the venue took up to two hours each way, Knudson attributed it to two factors.

Firstly, the presence of large trucks were holding up traffic around the venue on Saturday, which caused traffic to come to a crawl.

Knudson said the trucks were requested to stop work on the concert day, but they did not comply. (Because they weren't obliged to, obviously.)

And secondly, the lack of assistance from the Land Transport Authority was because they were not approached to help with the traffic marshalling in the first place.

These issues and plenty others aside, Knudson claims that Guns N' Roses were suitably impressed with the Singapore show and the band provided positive feedback to him personally.

To top it off, Knudson also said LAMC does not have any qualms having future concerts at Changi Exhibition Centre again.

In the meantime, LAMC has said they are formulating a plan to make refunds for unused RFID wristband credits.

You can read the full article here.

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