M’sia Boleh!’s new Bugis Junction outlet has sambal stingray, Seremban beef noodles, Ipoh white coffee & more

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| Ashley Tan | Sponsored | July 19, 2022, 06:00 PM

Malaysia might only be a Causeway away, but if you have cravings that need to be satiated immediately, Malaysia Boleh! might be the next best thing.

The homegrown brand is opening its fourth outlet at Bugis Junction, taking over the space formerly occupied by Food Junction.

The new food court can seat 400 people, and houses 12 stalls offering a variety of authentic and affordable Malaysian street food and hawker fare.

Aesthetic vibes

Like other Malaysia Boleh! outlets — located at Ang Mo Kio Hub, Jurong Point and most recently, i12 Katong — the Bugis Junction outlet will feature pushcart-themed stalls and wooden tables and stools to recreate that old-school atmosphere.

The place is also lit up by neon signs, lanterns, and three prominent LED “trees”, to recreate the atmosphere of the famous Jalan Alor food street in Kuala Lumpur.

At Malaysia Boleh!’s Bugis Junction outlet, there are five new stalls to look out for.

These are KL Da Pai Dang, Ipoh Zai Mixed Veg Rice, Sei Ngan Zai Roast Duck, MY Seremban Beef Noodles, Ipoh White Coffee and Western Boy.

Here, we give you the lowdown of some of the food court’s newest mouthwatering offerings and their prices.

KL Da Pai Dang

KL Da Pai Dang provides affordable Malaysian zi char dishes, including fan favourites like Sambal Stingray and Sambal Sotong with ladies’ fingers, starting at S$15 and S$12 respectively.

Other dishes include BBQ Chicken Wings (two for S$3.80) and Satay sets (five sticks for S$7.50).

Claypot dishes are also on this stall’s menu, such as Claypot Chicken Rice (S$5.50) and Premium Bak Kut Teh of the herbal kind (S$10).

Sei Ngan Zai

Sei Ngan Chai (or Sze Ngan Chye) Roast Duck is a famous roast meat stall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The name translates to “four-eyed man”, and it refers to the original bespectacled owner of the street stall.

Having been around for decades, the stall has become an icon of the place.

Drawing inspiration from the actual location in Malaysia, one of the new stalls at Malaysia Boleh! also sells roast meat under the same name.

Helmed by a Malacca-born chef, the signature Roasted Pork takes up to two days to prepare.

Customers can also get the Dang Gui Duck Quarter (S$13) and Char Siew (500g, S$28 / 1kg, S$50) and pair them with noodles or rice.

MY Seremban Beef Noodles

Seremban beef noodles are a type of Hainanese-style beef noodles that come in dry or soup versions, comprising rice noodles and marinated slices of beef flank and beef tendons.

Malaysia Boleh! is one of the few places in Singapore you can find this rare dish.

A bowl of their Sliced Beef Noodles costs S$6.90 for the dry version, and S$6.50 with soup.

Meanwhile, a bowl of Mixed Beef Noodles, which consists of both sliced beef meat and beef tendons, costs S$7.90 for the dry version, and S$7.50 with soup.

Ipoh Zai Mixed Veg Rice

What’s a food court without an economical rice stall?

Ipoh Zai has authentic cai png dishes cooked by a former street vendor in Ipoh.

Here, you can get unique dishes such as Muar Otah (S$2), Cereal Fish (S$2) and Steamed Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetable (S$2.50)

Western Boy

If you’re hankering for some burgers, Western Boy, has the all-time favourite Ram Lee Burger.

The burger is served with sauces such as Ayam Masak Merah (made from chillies, onion and tomato sauce) and Satay & Sambal Belacan.

Western Boy will only be opening its doors on Sep. 1, so keep a lookout for the prices when they’re open.

Ipoh White Coffee

The lighter colour of Ipoh white coffee, as its name suggests, comes from the margarine the coffee beans are roasted with.

Served with a hearty dose of sweetened condensed milk, the coffee is velvety smooth, and rich and smoky in taste.

To help you wash down your meal, you can get a cup of Ipoh White Coffee for S$2, or add some Coffee Jelly for an extra dollar.

The stall also serves other traditional drinks and desserts such as Iced Blue Pea Flower Lemonade (S$3.20), Ice Cream with Gula Melaka Thick Toast (S$2.80) and Chendol (S$2.50).

Malaysia Boleh! Bugis Junction

Address: Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria St, #03-30, Singapore 188021

Opening hours: Daily, 10am - 10pm

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