PAP wins East Coast GRC

PAP: 60.73%, WP: 39.27%

Sharmaine Chan| Eisabess Chee| September 12, 02:12 AM

People of East Coast GRC, you have spoken.

PAP has garnered the majority vote, sweeping 60.73% of the vote.

In case you missed it and are interested, we did an analysis of the battle prior to the election.

East Coast GRC had also been reduced to a four-member constituency after the redrawing of electoral boundaries.

Here are East Coast's newly-elected MPs from the People's Action Party

Name: Lim Swee Say

Age: 61

Profession: Minister for Manpower

Terms in Parliament: 4

Name: Lee Yi Shyan

Age: 53

Profession: Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry and National Development

Terms in Parliament: 2

Name: Jessica Tan

Age: 49

Profession: Member of Parliament

Terms in Parliament: 2

Name: Mohamad Maliki Osman

Age: 50

Profession: Minister of State for Defence and National Development

Terms in Parliament: 3

Here are East Coast candidates from the Worker's Party

Name: Gerald Giam

Age: 37

Profession: Non-Constituency MP and IT solutions architect

Name: Daniel Goh

Age: 42

Profession: Associate professor, National University of Singapore & sociologist

Name: Leon Perera

Age: 54

Profession: CEO of a research and consultancy firm

Name: Mohamed Fairoz Shariff

Age: 36

Profession: Former HOD, Spectra Secondary

What does this outcome mean?


This election: 39.27%

Last election: 45.28%


This election: 60.73%

Last election: 54.72%

The battle for this had been really close. Many on the ground had expected WP to sweep this off (and not without consequences either), but unfortunately the voters have spoken.

Lim Swee Say's 'Heng Ah' comments had caused a furore online. His reputation hasn't been strong with vocal netizens as well. Perhaps this was a concern that PAP had recognised, resulting in a very obvious promotion of his merits by DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam during his East Coast Rally speech:

He said, she said

The East Coast rallies were held simultaneously on the last day of rallying and ended on a very high note. Both parties gave speeches with extremely quotable quotes, so for a quick recap you can go here for PAP's and here for WP's.

But in case you want the best ones for quick recitation to impress your friends:

“The Singapore spirit has always been breaking new frontiers when the odds are stacked against us. We have done it before and we will do it again.”

- Lee Yi Shyan

“It’s not about changing for the sake of change. It’s about becoming more inclusive.”

- Jessica Tan

“We listen, we listen with our hearts, not just with our ears.”

- Maliki Osman

“I may not have a PhD or an Oxford brain. But what I have is a Singapore heart.”

- Lim Swee Say

"The PAP are not heroes for starting to fix the problems that they themselves created. You are the heroes for making sure they did so. You are the heroes for asserting that this is our country. It does not belong to any party!"

- Leon Perera

“We are proud of our global city, but we also want a home city that is not dominated by the market logic. We want a home city that is filled with a human touch and the warmth of the human spirit.”

- Daniel Goh

"East Coast and Fengshan are at the frontline of this battle. We are at the tipping point of political progress in Singapore."

- Gerald Giam

“Many of our volunteers are also residents of East Coast GRC and Fengshan SMC. Our volunteers did not come forward to help me and my team mate for free nasi lemak or free parking. No, they came forward to help us because they truly believe our children and beloved nation deserve a better future.”

- Mohamed Fairoz Shariff

East Coast GRC residents decided that they did not prefer the Workers' Party proposals over the PAP's. The war of the words at  rallies was entertaining to watch while it lasted, but the verbal sparring must now be shifted to Parliament where the PAP team takes four seats for themselves on behalf of the East Coast GRC.

If you are seeking a more personal touch to them, check out the photo stories has done on WP's Daniel Goh, Mohamad Fairoz Shariff and Leon Perera, as well as PAP's Lee Yi Shyan and Maliki Osman.

With additional reporting by Jeanette Tan.