38 quotable quotes made by the WP candidates at the last WP rally at Bedok stadium

Quotes, quotes, everywhere.

By Tan Xing Qi | September 9, 2015

Top photo by Mindy Tan.

Kenneth Foo – Nee Soon GRC candidate 

1. “Dr Koh Poh Koon, self-declared Son of Punggol, deserted Punggol East residents to become the godson of Ang Mo Kio GRC! Mr Desmond Choo promises that he will stand up for Hougang and where is he now? Hiding in  Tampines GRC! Last but not least Mr Ong Ye Kung said in his rally speech in 2011 that he will be with Aljunied all the way. I think he didn’t finish his sentence. Maybe he meant all the way from Sembawang GRC? Are these people with the right heart in the right place? They fought, they lost and they ran away to seek shelter. In hokkien, this is called zao lor ah! If they are still serving NS, I consider this as AWOL tio bo (correct)?”

Yee Jenn Jong — Marine Parade GRC candidate

2. “As you have heard the blue sky rises first in the east, and with the blue sky there will also be a blue Marine. Remember marine is blue not white!”

3. “Fear only set you back. Fear will stop you from realising what you are capable of.”

Dennis Tan — Fengshan SMC candidate

4. “You need some one to speak up for you. But unfortunately, the MP (Raymond Lim) who represented Fengshan did not speak up for residents in the past four years in Parliament at all.”  (Mandarin)

5. “If all the candidates in Fengshan SMC and East Coast GRC are elected, we will run the town council together. We have absolute confidence in our combined management and professional experience to do this confidently for you!”


6. “If you elect another PAP MP, do you think she is going to speak up against the PAP ministers? Do u think think she’s going to vote against bills and policies that the PAP ministers are introducing? What’s the point of voting one more PAP MP?

7. “What should Singaporeans do to a party who has no respect for the electorate? Vote them out!”

8. “Remove the white haze around Bedok, Simei and Changi and bring on a new blue sky!”

Mohamed Fairoz Shariff — East Coast GRC candidate

9. “Many of our volunteers are also residents of East Coast GRC and Fengshan SMC. Our volunteers did not come forward to help me and my team mate for free nasi lemak or free parking. No, they came forward to help us because they truly believe our children and beloved nation deserve a better future.”

10. “East Coast residents, your GRC stands at the forefront for a better Singapore.”

Leon Perera — East Coast GRC candidate 

11. “I’d like to start by thanking the PAP for all its contributions to Singapore as I did in the TV debate nine days ago. I want to say this even though I know that the pap will never ever thank the opposition for contributing anything to Singapore.”

12. “The PAP just had different ideas of where the country should go. Different from you and me.”

13. “The past four years have proven that Singapore works better with an opposition in Parliament!”

14. “The PAP are not heroes for starting to fix the problems that they themselves created. You are the heroes for making sure they did so. You are the heroes for asserting that this is our country. It does not belong to any party!”

15. “We all think the Workers Party’s hammer is used to whack, to hamtum… but the hammer is also a tool to build.”

Daniel Goh — East Coast GRC candidate

16. “I’m fighting this good fight not that i but so that our children can have a good life.”

17. “The PAP today is not the PAP of the early decades”

18. “We are proud of our global city, but we also want a home city that is not dominated by the market logic. We want a home city that is filled with a human touch and the warmth of the human spirit.”

19. “The PAP can build ahead for 1 million foreigners but cannot build ahead for 10,000 of your own people?”

20. “I want our children to be able to roam Singapore to discover our heritage and appreciate our cultural and natural heritage in person, not just hang out in crowded shopping malls with air condition and bright lights and never see the blue sky.”

21. “Our population policy should be geared to this outcome (the integration of foreigners). The balance should not be Singaporeans tahan foreigners and foreigners tahan Singaporeans.”

22. “You may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one.”

Gerald Giam — East Coast GRC candidate

23. “The PAP does not want a debate. In Parliament they are so kan jiong when just a few of us oppose a bill because we think it is not good for Singporeans.”

24. “We don’t need more cheerleaders in Parliament. We need more representatives who can think out of the PAP box and are bold enough to confront the government with the people’s concerns.”

25. “Looking at the current batch of PAP candidates, do you see any Lee Kuan Yews, Goh Keng Swees or S Rajaratnams in them?”

26. “East Coast and Fengshan are at the frontline of this battle. We are at the tipping point of political progress in Singapore.”

Png Eng Huat — Hougang SMC candidate

27. “I daresay we are on par with the PAP slate, if not better! Not so heng for Minister Lim Swee Say now. Our team is better.”

The following quote takes the cake.

28. “I read in the newspaper today that the Prime Minister said he read in the newpaper that I said there’s no need for a government if the civil service is functioning. He ended his remark and said that if the WP were to form the government of Singapore one day, in his words “liao, finished”. I read in the newspaper only ah. He also read in the newspaper. I think we should all stop reading the newspaper.”

Sylvia Lim — Aljunied GRC candidate and Chairman of WP

29. “There are just 2.5 hours more before cooling off day starts, we are still waiting for the PAP to come back with a definitive clarification. Can they tell us which page out of the 25 pages we should look at? Where can we find the $1 million surplus that Charles Chong spoke about? Or could it be that the PAP has tried to mislead the public and damage AHPETC again? Will someone from the PAP be gentlemanly enough to tell us the facts? If the pap has no good answers, it’s not the WP that is finished. It is the pap that is finished. Liao! finished!”

30. (on her debut Parliament speech being made fun by the PAP) “So what’s new? This is typical PAP arrogance, to make fun of others.”

31. “The PAP seems uncomfortable with talking about happiness. Perhaps they are more familiar with sadness, since we see Lim Boon Heng and Lim Swee Say crying in public ever so often.”

32. “Why is the government giving so much money away at SG50, when there are more important things to spend money on?”

33. “Tell the PAP we don’t always need to be richer. We just want a better life.”

Low Thia Khiang — Aljunied GRC candidate and Sec-Gen of WP

34. “Actually just voicing out in parliament will not change a thing, only political competition can make the government respond.” (Mandarin)

35. “The PAP heard the people but they didn’t listen.” (Mandarin)

36. “WP needs more people in Parliament for our hammer to be stronger.” (Teochew)

37. “This election is my 7th General Election since I entered politics in 1982. I have been in politics for 33 years.”

38.”In a democracy, having a rational and responsible opposition can bring in investor confidence.”


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