#SG50ShadesOfGrey is a success on Twitter because S'poreans and their filthy minds

Singaporean humour at its finest.

Belmont Lay| February 15, 01:16 PM

Fifty Shades Of Grey opened just in time for Valentine's Day weekend in Singapore, and boy, were the cinemas packed for a R21 movie.

Happening on Twitter for the past couple of days as news of the best-selling mommy porn novel-turned-movie being passed uncut by the censors was announced, the hashtag #SG50ShadesOfGrey has been trending like crazy.

Capitalising on the fact that the SG50 national initiative has been shoved down everybody's throats for the past few months, Singaporeans decided to have some subversive fun with the messaging in retaliation: By teaming up SG50 with Fifty Shades Of Grey erotica, which also served as a nod and wink to government's efforts to get everyone to procreate.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is Singapore humour at its finest:


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