Top blogger Xiaxue sets tongues wagging with Gushcloud exposé

The tongues are out.

Martino Tan| Tan Xing Qi| December 23, 11:50 AM

Queen (or rather Mother) of controversy Xiaxue is proving that her motherly instinct has not dulled her taste for a good catfight.

To cut a super duper lengthy catfight short, Xiaxue wrote a blow-by-blow, claw-by-claw account of Gushcloud's business dealings and - gasp - alleged that Gushcloud inflates their bloggers' statistics.

Model and blogger Yan Kay Kay was among the bloggers that Xiaxue targeted, as she elaborated how Kay Kay's page views were inflated and how "super exorbitant" her banner ad was.

Information online is sketchy but it appears that Kay Kay and XiaXue had a falling out a while back.

kaykay xiaxue


Anyway, let do you guys a public service and summarise the catfight:

tl;dr version

1. Top blogger Xiaxue, from social media agency Nuffnang, is angry with her competitor Gushcloud.

2. Xiaxue accused Gushcloud and its bloggers of inflating their earnings and their bloggers' influence (in terms of website page views). The bloggers highlighted were Yan Kay Kay, Eric Lim, and Ashiya Ams.



Source: Xiaxue blog

3. Xiaxue accused Gushcloud bloggers of not being honest with their readers by masking advertisements as blog posts and reviews.

4. Xiaxue highlighted the potential implications for advertisers and public relation agencies working with companies that inflate their numbers.

5. Xiaxue alleged that Gushcloud still owe their bloggers and third party vendors money.  She also said that the young bloggers are locked in "rather one-sided contracts" with Gushcloud.


In the spirit of Christmas, maybe XiaXue and Kay Kay should just kiss and make up.



Read the full version ("Xiaxue: "The Big Gushcloud Exposé") here.

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