Local Instagram stars lose their followers, everyone enjoy their moment of schadenfreude

It's like seeing your Instagram stars without make-up or filter for the 1st time.

Martino Tan| December 20, 12:55 PM

It is known as the "Instagram Purge" overseas, as photo sharing app Instagram scrubbed millions of spam accounts and bots.

Singapore is not spared from this "stock market crash", as local Instagram stars woke up yesterday and realise something horrible has occurred.

Their Instagram followers can see them without filters for the first time, warts and all.

They are not as popular as they, their followers and their clients have been led to think.

So how did the Instagrammers react to this blow?


1. Put on a brave front + React with a sense of humour+ schadenfreude

Top celebrity blogger Xiaxue (30k drop to 544k followers) (5.2% drop)

"I appreciate instagram's efforts to clean up spam and bot and bought (lol!) accounts...", Xiaxue in her Instagram.

"No biggie. My friends all lost more," Xiaxue in her Instagram.

"Why would people with fake followers be earning clients' money when they, in fact, are not reaching out to that many people online? They deserved to be exposed for their inflated numbers", Xiaxue in The New Paper.






2. Schadenfreude + schadenfreude

Blogger Melody Yap (2k drop to 44.2k followers) (4.3% drop)

It has since risen to 44.3k. Hmmm...

"I am having a good laugh at those who really bough followers & denied they did. The dip in numbers really tickles me..." Melody in her Instagram

"[I]t's really fun to see how those idiots are left with 20% of their supposed followers! Haha! So no integrity one".




3. React with a sense of honesty and humour+ schadenfreude

Model Yan Kay Kay (3k drop to 79.3k followers) (3.6% drop)

"Was the last selfie that ugly?"

"To be completely honest, I have been tempted to buy followers. It's so competitive here and clients always look at numbers," Yan Kay Kay in her Instagram.

Yan Kay Kay3




4. Sound of silence

Celebrity Blogger Dawn Yang (20.7k drop to 59.3k followers) (25.9% drop)



5. Sound of silence II

Celebrity model DJ Nicole Chen (5.7k drop to 7.3k followers) (43.85% drop)



6. Sound of silence III

Fashion blogger Crystal Phuong (8.2k drop to 4.8k followers) (63.1% drop)



7. Sound of silence IV (kind of) + Magic Trick

Miss Singapore Universe Rachel Kum (2.3k drop to 12.7k followers) (15.3% drop)

"Had not checked Instagram yet...Could you ask someone else instead? I don't want to be interviewed," Kum in The New Paper.



8. Sound of silence V + Magic Trick

Mediacorp actor Ian Fang  (22k drop to 123k followers) (15% drop)

(7k rise to 130k followers) (5.7% rise) (Like share price!)



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