8 unlucky names in top local blogger Xiaxue's burn book

Xiaxue multitasks well in her online spats.

Tan Xing Qi| December 24, 05:23 PM

Other than Singapore's only vigilante group, SMRT Ltd (Feedback), there's one imposing figure that you don't want to be in her burn book.

Top blogger Xiaxue, with a flair for exposing wrongdoings and destroying reputations, is not one to mess around with as these folks find out in devastating effect.


1. Blogger advertising network Gushcloud

gush cloud

We are not sure about the origins of the enmity, but the simmering tensions between the two camps erupted momentarily at the tail end of July this year.

This was after Eunice Annabel, a Singaporean Internet sweet young thing under Gushcloud, uploaded this photo on her Instagram on July 25 with this caption, “So you wanna be on top? Gotta beat us first”.

But the war truly broke out after Xiaxue slammed Gushcloud for their alleged dishonest business practices. Read this and this to catch up.

By the way, Xiaxue's from rival company Nuffnang and owned shares from the company.  Hence, it's little wonder why a competitor is in her burn book.


2. Blogger and model Yan Kay Kay

yan kay kay


The exposé, while directed at Gushcloud, is also firmly focused on Yan Kay Kay - Xiaxue's ex BFF. In it, Xiaxue took offence with Kay Kay's YouTube stats and her inflated blog stats. Other stats were not mentioned and we assume them to be accurate as of the article's time of release.

So according to a recent interview, Xiaxue admitted to a fall out and something about a offline/online Kay Kay:

I think we realised that we were both harbouring bad feelings towards each other. For me, it became increasingly difficult to accept her as a friend because she wasn’t just offline Kay Kay anymore, she was also online Kay Kay. I realised that I didn’t really like her online persona and the things she did online, which I felt wasn’t in line with my own moral principles.

And in her latest blog post today, Kay Kay returned the favour:

When I started this blog we were still friends, she was damn unhappy about it because this is “HER” industry.

When I asked for ads on my Twitter, she unfollowed me(while we were still friends).

When I got sponsored at Dollhouse Pets, she took to tweeting about me.

When I got Instagram ads, I was also attacked(with a full blog post).

Now I start my own YouTube channel, I also kena.

Yah Kay Kay, why you so suay? She added:

We agreed to part ways amicably after I ended our friendship back in 2012.

We don't know how two adults end a friendship but we'd imagine the conversation to  be along these lines:

Xiaxue: "I don't friend you already."

Kay Kay: "Don't friend, don't friend lor."


3. Blogger Dawn Yang

dawn yang


This battle used to be the key match-up between two premier local bloggers, akin to football clubs Manchester United's regular rivalries with Arsenal or Liverpool in the 2000s. But Dawn has adopted a much lower profile since.

In 2008, Xiaxue showed that she will never back down from a good catfight. She went head-to-head with Yang and accused her of being a liar, hypocrite and among other nasty names, with one Plasticzilla as the most offensive. Xiaxue said that she didn't coin her being Godzilla's long lost cousin, she merely propagated it. Not her problem if it got sticky, she argued.


4. These bloggers

In this power people list written in 2007, she chronicles the most disgusting bloggers of Singapore. Not sure if her opinion of them has changed because 2007 felt like a million years ago.

Steven Lim

steven lim


Maia Lee

maia lee


Ice Angel

Ice Angel has since transformed into Esther Xie and is under the care of Nuffnang. So we guess all's well with them now?

esther xie


Celeste Chen

celeste chen


Okay, granted, she included herself on the list. She has a deprecating sense of humour. Hip hip freaking hurray.


5. SMRT Ltd (Feedback)


No love lost here. Singapore's only vigilanteh also hated her guts. And sometimes her nose.




Zero f**** given. Because they are Singapore's Dark Knight.


6. Basically those who said nasty things about her



Her 2012 Operation Name and Shame  was a rousing success as she gave her Temasek Review haters no quarter, naming and even showing pictures of her haters' family to the www. An eye for an eye? Sure, whatever rocks her boat.


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