S'pore police & SCDF use real Indian foreign workers for fake riot demonstration

Is this supposed to be an accurate depiction or racist or politically incorrect?

Belmont Lay| November 11, 04:42 PM

This can only happen in Singapore.

Little less than a year after the Little India Riot on Dec. 8, 2013, real Indian foreign workers (or 'foreign worker ambassadors', in Minister Khaw Boon Wan's words) were recruited to participate in a fake riot to demonstrate how the Singapore police and Singapore Civil Defence Force will gather their tactical forces in a jiffy and take down the hostiles with superior tactical force and cunning.

We're not sure if this is racist or trying to stick to the historical facts of the case last year, but here is the official explanation about why the demonstration is conducted, posted on National Development Minister's Facebook:

We have a few foreign workers’ dormitories. What if some quarrels erupt, leading to fights or worse? These are possible scenarios, given the concentration of foreign workers in one locality. Little India riot was an extreme case, but minor scale fights could happen locally. To test our response capability, the Police, the SCDF, the dorms operators and our grassroots organisations organised a simulation exercise recently. It was a useful way to network up the various agencies, and spread preventive messages. Prevention is always better than cure.

Here are some of the pictures:

Oh look, just some foreign workers acting aggressive and perpetuating stereotypes:


Here they are acting standoffish:


Here they are standing up against Chinese hegemony, and the political incorrectness of the police:


Here they are getting subdued by the police:


So what exactly are foreign worker ambassadors?

A few hundred were appointed last year, according to The Straits Times on Dec. 16, 2013:

These "foreign worker ambassadors" are trained by the police and other Home Team agencies on crime and safety tips so that they can pass on the advice to their dormitory mates, report any criminal activity, and mediate disputes among other workers.

Here is the post from Minister Khaw's Facebook:

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