16 songs that define the Chinese KTV experience in Singapore

Karaoke is a communal experience.

Jonathan Lim | November 16, 2014 @ 05:28 pm


Besides eating, shopping and going to the movies, visiting KTV outlets (not the ones with ‘happy endings’) has become another activity Singaporeans enjoy during the weekends.

While our KTV culture isn’t exactly nascent – it’s not as well-developed as those in Japan or Taiwan (there’s a Partyworld in Taipei taking up and entire building) – it doesn’t mean we are void of our own.

So when you’re at a KTV joint and clueless as to what songs you should sing, the easiest method is to check out the top requested songs and work your way from there.

Here are 16 which are almost always picked at every single KTV session:


1. The one which everyone wants to sing but struggles to finish: 萬芳 – 新不了情

Whether you prefer this version or the updated one by Jam Hsiao, this song has got to be the most sung song in Singapore (behind our National Anthem). Every KTV-goer seem to have their own way of tackling this deceptively difficult song. It’s either smooth falsettos or epic throat-tearing screaming.


2. The one where girls get introduced to A*Mei: 張惠妹 – 聽海

How can a KTV list be complete without A*Mei? This song is sufficiently easy to sing at the beginning and with a memorable and belt-able chorus for every emo person to sing along.


3. The one where every Jay Chou fan knows by heart: 周杰倫 – 安靜

This was arguably his most iconic song before his lyrics got way too poetic and cheem. And you could actually make out the words he was singing since he didn’t mumble too much for this one.


4. The one canto song everyone knows: BEYOND – 海闊天空

This is only attempted when someone in the group speaks Cantonese while the rest become the most enthusiastic back-up singers – singing especially loudly for the last two words of each sentence.


5. The one people with missed chances with high school crushes will sing: 胡夏 – 那些年

This one will really take you down memory lane.


6. The one that every friendzoned guy will sing their hearts out to: 陶喆 – 普通朋友

If only they could sing like David Tao, they wouldn’t worry about the friend zone.


7. The duet that every couple will slaughter: 周杰伦 & Lara – 珊瑚海

Let’s face it, this song should only be attempted by people who have a background in singing. But that doesn’t stop countless couples from turning it into a screech-fest.


8. The duets every couple fall back on after failing 珊瑚海: 温岚 & 吴宗宪 – 屋顶 or 张学友 & 高慧君 – 你最珍贵

Mandarin pop is divided into two general eras – the singalong-able period and the 3 octaves range elite renaissance. These two songs belong to the former era.


9. The one where everyone can join in the fun: 五月天 – 戀愛ING

So upbeat, so fun. Never mind about the one part that is an impossibly fast rap.


10. The one which was overplayed everywhere till it got sickening but you’ll still sing along to: 光良 – 童話

WO YAO BIAN CHENG TONG HUA LI, NI AI DE NA GE TIAN SHI~~ *slaps you across the face with a trout*


11. The one that reminds us of how awesome childhood TV was: 赵传 – 沉默的羔羊

If you sing this one, then you have to do this as well:

And since we’re on the topic of Singapore TV songs:


12. The one with the songstress we are really proud of: 孫燕姿 – 我懷念的

One of the best post-break up lie-in-bed-feeling-depressed songs ever.


13. The one that will always get requested at the end of the session to prolong the time in the room: 古巨基 – 勁歌金曲2 情歌王

This 12-minute song is so popular that some KTV joints have removed it from its library because patrons have been ‘hogging’ rooms and making other customers wait while they finish up.

Did we miss other songs that you feel are quintessential songs Singaporeans sing at the KTV? Let us know in the comments below!


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