Uncut 17-minute video indeed shows CPF blogger Roy Ngerng encroaching on YMCA's venue

However, the target of the heckling appears to be Minister of State and PAP MP Teo Ser Luck.

Martino Tan| October 01, 08:50 PM

An extended 17-minute uncut video has surfaced on YouTube purportedly showing the alleged heckling incident at Hong Lim Park on Sept. 27, 2014, in its full glory.

From the video, it appears that the Return Our CPF protesters marched at least three times around Hong Lim Park and co-leader of the rally, Roy Ngerng, can be seen stopping in front of the stage waving a flag at one point.

In its final march, the gang proceeded to the front of the stage, effectively disrupting the view of the audiences.

11:54-12:00 -- Ngerng waving a flag and encroaching on YMCA's area:



However, much of the chanting and negative vibes from the protesters appear to be targeted at Minister of State and PAP MP Teo Ser Luck, who was the guest-of-honour at YMCA’s Proms @ the Park carnival.

The video doesn't conclusively show the protesters intentionally targeting the YMCA children but it doesn't put Ngerng and gang in good light either.

In his blog after the march, Ngerng said:

"But back to the protest – we made some mistakes. We did. There were some things we could have done better. If we saw the children coming out, we could have moved away faster. To the credit of the other protestors, I understand that some of them had toned down and had applauded for the children when they came out."

This account does not tally with the video portrayal of Ngerng's actions. (6:40-7:05). Ngerng did not seem to notice that the YMCA children were performing on stage. Perhaps he did not notice who was performing but this was Ngerng's second time venturing around the area.

12:55-13:00 -- A heckler shakes hand with Teo Ser Luck before he moves off from YMCA performance area.  Teo was holding the hand of a special needs boy (in black), using his own body to shield the boy from the hecklers.


14:32-14:37 -- More heckling. The uncle (in brown) behaved rather aggressively towards Teo, pointing at him forcefully.



Here are the other highlights of the video:

11:21-11:25: Han Hui Hui used a loud-hailer and walked towards the front of the performance stage.

13:19-13:22 Uncle pointing aggressively at Teo

14:28-14:30 Auntie heckling Teo

You can watch the full video here:

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