PAP MP Teo Ser Luck can't stop editing his Facebook status about CPF blogger Roy Ngerng

Either he is the most wishy-washy MP or has obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.

Belmont Lay| September 29, 05:23 PM

PAP MP Teo Ser Luck put up a Facebook post on Sept. 29, 2014, demanding that CPF blogger Roy Ngerng apologise for heckling special needs children on Saturday at Hong Lim Park.

Teo was the guest-of-honour at YMCA's Proms @ the Park carnival, which was held on Saturday afternoon, when Ngerng took his march around the park into the venue of YMCA's carnival just as a performance by special needs children was about to start.

This caused some of the children to be startled by the protesters' encroachment.

This is how Teo's demand for Ngerng to apologise panned out on social media:


1. At first, Teo insists Roy Ngerng performs a dance for the kids he heckled to show his contrition:



2. Then he softened his stance. Instead of "spoilt it all", it became "spoilt the day":



3. Two hours later, he probably thought Ngerng performing is an awful idea and replaced "perform a dance" with "and more!":



4. Another two hours passed, before realising he might have let off a brain fart. Teo edited "handicapped children" to the more politically-correct term "children with special needs":



5. Another four hours later, trying to avoid looking like he wants the apology for himself, Teo emphasised at the end that Ngerng should apologise "for the children":



6. Not sure what he wants out of the apology, he then insists that there will be more to it:



This is the post in its final form:


And inexplicably, Teo decided to apologise as well seven hours later:


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