Blogger from S'pore accused of plagiarising his travel experience had plagiarised before

Netizens revealed that this is not the first time Derek Low copy his lines from someone else.

Martino Tan| October 02, 12:01 PM

Remember the blogger who splurged $23,000 on SIA ticket, but plagiarised the amazeball experience on his blog?



It turns out this is not the first time the self-proclaimed engineer and entrepreneur-turned-serial plagiariser Derek Low copied his lines from someone else.

Last December, when Low travelled to Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, he had copied a line from another site, the basement geographer.





So, what's original in Low's piece?


Derek on thin ice (with the netizens) Photo from Derek Low


Derek licking salt (or his wounds).


On his Facebook, it appears Low has been deleting comments calling out his plagiarised post.



But Singaporeans have found creative ways of drawing attention to his plagiarism, by sharing his post instead:




Let's hope he's not at a loss for words when the Internet calls him out again.


The Straits Times has called attention to Low's plagiarism. In the article on Oct. 1, 2014, ST provided a few examples of the extent of Low's plagiarism:

In one post from Andy's Travel Blog, dated May 9, 2013, the writer describes his first-class trip from Hong Kong to San Francisco aboard a Cathay Pacific jet:

"I found the check-in areas for Cathay Pacific and made my way towards a regular desk, where I was promptly greeted by an attendant, 'Good morning, how can I help you sir?' I had a sudden mental lightbulb and said 'HI, OOPS, SORRY, NO YOU CAN’T HELP ME' and businessmanishly walked away, leaving a bewildered attendant."

In his own account, Mr Low describes his experience thus:

"As I joined the line for check-in, I was promptly greeted by a staff. 'Good evening sir, how may I help you?' A sudden realisation hit me and I went 'OH NOPE SORRY' and briskly walked away, leaving the lady astonished."

Andy's Travel Blog regarding an SIA first-class trip from Singapore to Hong Kong posted May 5, 2013 recalls: "Finally, after about a mile walk (it’s a huge lounge complex) and having your documents inspected by 8000 people, you arrive at The Private Room."

Mr Low's experience: "Finally, after 10 miles of secret passageways and being escorted by 3000 people, I arrived at The Private Room."


Top photo from Derek Low's blog.

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