Blogger from S'pore splurges $23,000 on SIA ticket, but plagiarises the amazeball experience on his blog

The Internet never forgets.

Martino Tan| Tan Xing Qi| October 01, 06:50 PM

Saw this blog post fly past you on social media recently?


Written by some guy named Derek Low who hails from Singapore, the post chronicled his amazeballs experience onboard Singapore Airlines' Suite Class, which costs some $23,000, from Singapore to New York.

Naturally, the piece went viral.

And then this happened.

A thread on website Reddit pointed out that Derek Low is, in fact, a serial plagiariser.

He had taken photos and descriptions from other bloggers' posts about their experience, strung them together and passed it off as his own.

After receiving complaints from the original authors and having his piece called out for plagiarism, Low has since taken down some of his plagiarised work. But it's okay, because the Internet never forgets.

Let's play spot the difference:

1. The same love for poetry

Derek's version


Travel blogger Andy's post that was posted on April 22, 2013



2. Who's got more weight?

Derek's version


Rebecca, another blogger, wrote on May 4, 2013


Apparently, Low also stole Andy's pictures and even his captions.




So what's real about Derek Low's post?


Source: Derek Low

His boarding pass, maybe?



Source: Derek Low

Perhaps his passport too.


Source: Derek Low

And the smile too. This sheepish look cannot be faked.




It appears Derek Low has been deleting comments from his Facebook calling out his plagiarised post. Anyone who wants to comment would have to follow him on Facebook. You can then comment and time how fast he takes to delete the comment.


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