Guy rebuts NUSSU’s rebuttal, continues on quest to find out where millions in income and expenditure went

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By Belmont Lay | September 24, 2014

Long story short:

A pleasant-looking fellow with legitimate queries, Teo Yu Sheng, took to the public domain to air his grievances over what he perceives to be an utter lack of transparency on the part of the National University of Singapore Students’ Union, whose president cannot seem to provide a breakdown of how millions of dollars in income and expenditure was allocated in 2013:

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In response, the National University of Singapore Students’ Union wrote a lengthy convoluted rebuttal in response to the allegations:

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NUSSU also put up a Facebook post to address the issue:


However, it appears NUSSU’s explanation did not go down well.


The biggest bugbear, though, is the way NUSSU defined “transparency”, where

…they claim that it “primarily entails a state of mind,” and that it’s “really a matter of that person’s subjective intentions.” In other words, the “intention to be transparent is the determinative factor” of whether a person is truly transparent. They then went on to say that “the NUSSU Exco is transparent to the best that [they] can be.”

You can read the full counterargument of Teo’s rebuttal of NUSSU’s rebuttal here:

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This rebuttal was published by Teo on Medium, shortly after NUSSU’s rebuttal came out. is still waiting for NUSSU’s reply to our queries.


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