16 ways being tall in S'pore is a tall order especially if you're a girl

Society and its prejudices.

Sally Ong| July 12, 12:45 AM

As a 1.77-metre tall girl in Singapore, I have the privilege of being blessed with genes that make me stand out from the crowd.

And society obviously have its own plans for people like me.


1. Singapore is very sunny. You help your friends stay less tan.



2. Not only the sunshine, you protect people around you from umbrellas as well.



3. You become a common meeting point and help everyone find their way.


“Find Wally? Nah, I’ll meet you where that tall dude is.”


4. People think you're too picky when all you want is someone at least your height.


“So tall next time how to find boyfriend?!”


5. You are expected to be good at everything and at sports, which is defined only as basketball or volleyball.


6. You are always uncomfortable on a plane.

Because the moment you rest and take a seat, your legs touch the chair in front. As if sensing your presence, the person immediately reclines the seat.


7. People know your each and every movement.


Especially when you are in the changing room, and the whole world knows when you've just removed your shirt because your hands awkwardly rise above the door.


8. You get enough recognition.


Yay! The photo is finally up to my chest this time! But everyone knows it's me anyways because I'm so tall!


9. You're told lies every time you go shopping.


One size fits all? It’s always either too short or too damn short.


10. Public transport's height limit applies to children and you.



11. Most people can't catch up with you.


They are always 10 steps behind you.


12. They think you are supernatural.

"So, how's the weather up there?"


13. They want to know how you overcame the odds.



14. They want to know if you have any special diet you follow to grow tall.



15. And you generously give all your secrets away.


"I was just born this way. I didn't get to choose."


16. Thank you tall person. Here’s a hug for you.



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