6 things that prove Pink Dot has perfected the art of organising a mass movement

Nailed it.

Belmont Lay| June 28, 10:40 PM

Pink Dot 2014 was carried out flawlessly on June 28, 2014.

An estimated 26,000 people were in attendance making Pink Dot 2014 the biggest public rally held at Hong Lim Park ever.

Besides being a social movement that has gained wider public acceptance with each passing year, especially among the young and the heterosexual, it is testament to the prowess of actually knowing what to do when it comes to organising people.


Here are 6 things to show that the Pink Dot organisers have really nailed it when it comes to getting people to join the most massive social movement in Singapore.


1. Organisers hired only 20 more security personnel despite expecting a much bigger crowd

In the lead-up to the Pink Dot event on Saturday, it was reported that the organisers were deploying extra security personnel at the Speakers' Corner for the first time as a sign that they had the situation under control.

This was in light of the public opposition from some groups.

At the press conference, it was revealed that there were only 20 extra security staff. This number was kept vague but it helped maintain confidence that everything will be well taken care of.


2. The sound systems worked brilliantly


Source: Ng Yi Shu

Hong Lim Park rallies are not known to have good sound.

However, Pink Dot 2014 not only had a stage for bands to rock out, the sound never went out. It was a carnival of sights and sounds.


3. The lighted balloons are used as a gauge to measure crowd size



So how did the crowd size of 26,000 come about?

The organisers revealed that the purpose of the lighted balloons helped facilitate the counting of attendance. Multiple balloons demarcate the Hong Lim Park area into a grid system, similar to what is used during the National Day Parade, and where the same aerial shot is taken every year and comparisons of the estimated number of people can be made.

So, it is not just solely guesswork.


4. The number of fliers given out was also used to estimate attendance


Volunteers would give out fliers at all the entrances into Hong Lim Park.


5. Pink Dot is a homegrown movement that has been exported overseas

Pink Dot Hong Kong was recently held last month.




It was held on 15 June 2014 in Tamar Park, co-organised by LGBT groups BigLove Alliance and Pink Alliance running under the theme "We are Family: The Freedom to Love".


Pink Dot Okinawa




Pink Dot Utah

Pink Dot Utah



6. The fliers given out contain this advice to encourage policing of thugs


"What to do if: There are hecklers/ demonstrators from 'opposing camps': Do not engage or antagonise. However, you may wish to record/ photograph trouble-making acts to aid law enforcers."

According to the spokesperson Paerin Choa, the organisers have included the line in the flyer in the past years.

But it was only noticed by the media this year because of the opposition to the Pink Dot movement.


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Photos by Ng Yi Shu, unless otherwise stated.

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