A group of Muslims have organised a ‘Wear White’ movement to protest against S’pore’s LGBT movement

'For the LGBT movement, the natural family is no longer sacred,' says organiser.

Ng Yi Shu | June 19, 2014 @ 03:07 pm


Update 20 June 2014, 0900Hrs: Muhammad Najib Soiman, an artist and part-time lecturer featured in Wear White’s promotional video, has publicly requested the organisers to take out his part in the video. The 37 year old told Mothership.sg that there was a miscommunication between the organisers and him. The organisers previously said that the objective of the video was to ’embrace Ramadan’.

A group of Muslims have organised a ‘Wear White’ movement to protest against Pink Dot SG, an annual non-profit movement that supports the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community in Singapore.

The organisers, led by Noor Deros, have urged other Muslims to wear white on 28 June 2014, during the first tarawih – or the first night prayer during Ramadan – and share photographs of people they pray with on social media. A Muslim website stated that Ustaz Noor Deros is a graduate from the faculty of Theology of Al-Azhar University and was employed by En-Naeem mosque in Tampines.

The movement’s Facebook page has since received over 2,800 likes.

In a video posted on their page, various Muslims urged other Muslims to join them to return to ‘fitrah’ – or spiritual purity – and ‘sunnah’ – Prophet Muhammad’s way. The video, featuring converts of many races, explained that the organisers chose white because it is a symbol of innocence and purity.

In a statement written on the organisers’ website, Noor Deros wrote that (the) “natural state of human relationships is now under sustained attack by LGBT activists.”

The organisers are concerned with Pink Dot SG being held on 28th June, which falls on the first day of Ramadan. “To underline their disdain for Islam and the family, lgbt activists are organising an event on the very evening of 1st Ramadan,” Deros wrote. Pink Dot SG has been traditionally held on the last weekend of June.

Not everyone agreed with the organisers’ statement, however. In a Facebook post, poet and playwright Alfian Sa’at took issue with the organisers’ accusation that LGBT groups are attacking ‘the natural state of human relationships’.

“This statement doesn’t actually define what is a ‘natural family’,” Sa’at wrote. Citing a 2012 Singstat report that the number one cause for divorce in non-Muslim marriages was “’infidelity or extra-marital affairs”, he wrote “if one needs to address the threats to the ‘sanctity of the family’, then one should cite the real ones. That gay couple who got attached isn’t threatening your marriage; you sleeping around will.”

Others also spoke against the organisers’ take on the LGBT movement. Syahrul Nizam said in a comment to Sa’at’s facebook post: “I don’t recall Islam forbidding LGBT, from my understanding of the Quran and Hadith… The religion did not really mention hating this (the LGBT) community.”

The organisers have yet to respond to our queries as of this time.

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