14 things we used to say to our parents as spoilt kids

And some people still say these things to their parents

Jonathan Lim | June 5, 2014 @ 05:27 pm


Many readers enjoyed this article, “12 classic lines our parents used to scream at us“.

Here are 14 things that we, as young spoilt kids, used to say to our parents. We hope you enjoy reminiscing about these lines as much as we did.



It’s always best to blame the person who was not in the room. But somehow our parents always knew the truth.



Some children just want to watch the world burn.



It’s always the case, somebody always has to start the fight. And it’s not us.



We’ll never understand why older kids get to do all the cool stuff.



Teacher say parents must bring us to Zoo/Science Centre/Bird Park. Teacher say the extra assessment chapter no need to do. Get the drift?



Probably the ultimate defence. Watch as your parents start an argument with their parents. You can quietly go back to your room to play.



For some reason, parents are immune to puppy eyes. But we’ll always try.



Last touch means you don’t have to clear up the mess that was created.



Your parents’ reactions depend on how much they believe in tough love. Sometimes they may even say things like “who ask you go and make them first?”



At the end of the day, our parents are our safe harbour and we can count on them to protect us. No parents will ever tell their kid “but you’re really stupid what”. I hope.



Our safe harbour and convenient mode of transportation it seems.



When you have nobody around to pin the blame on, it’s always best to act blur. If only our parents were not as blur.



Which part of no sharing did our parents not understand, hmm?



We were extremely dependent on our parents because navigating to the toilet and undoing our pants were such complicated tasks.


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