11 words usually mangled by Singaporeans

Or mangered werds depending on who's saying it.

Jonathan Lim| March 13, 05:20 AM

Once they start speaking, Singaporeans can easily identify each other in a sea of strangers in a foreign land. The beauty of our Singlish must be celebrated. Here are 11 words we mangle but we can still get our points across.

Note: this was inspired by some public servants and their daily brushes with funny enunciation.


1. Children [chil-druhn]



2. Anything starting with Th-

tree trees



3. Government [guhv-ern-muhnt, ‐er-muhnt]



4. Words ending with -l or -le

Singapore Ger



5. Milk [milk] - lol like that's going to help.



6. Adding -s or -ed into words that don't need them

quitted stuffs


7. Sorry [sor-ee, sawr-ee]



8. Bread [bred]



9. When the 'i' becomes a 'ee'



10. Lingerie [lahn-zhuh-rey, lan-zhuh-ree, -juh-; French lanzhuh-ree]



11. Lavender [lav-uhn-der]



*Bonus word* Pronounce [pro-nouns]

Many people assume that the correct pronunciation  of 'pronounce' is [pruh-nuhns]. They are misled because 'pronunciation' is pronounced as [pruh-nuhn-see-ey-shuhn]. So everyone, don't be a smart alec, the correct way is what you've been saying all along - [pro-nouns].


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