6 food experiences we have to bring back to Singapore

Because things don't taste better in our memories. They taste better when in our mouths

Jonathan Lim | May 27, 2014 @ 05:14 pm


Two things rock on the internet – food porn and nostalgia. As a service to readers, we combine both.

So here are 7 of these experiences that we need in Singapore before we seriously consider migrating elsewhere for:


1. A&W

Who can forget that Tuesday is Coney Tuesday. And Root Beer floats came in real glass mugs. AND CURLY FRIES.


2. Ponderosa


The defining feature of Ponderosa was definitely the freeflow salad bar buffet that came with any order of a main course.

Kids would obviously just rush straight for the soft-serve ice cream station. Were there other branches besides the one at the old Plaza Singapura?

And here’s a random photo of Nirvana front-man Kurt Cobain in front of Ponderosa in Singapore in 1992:


3. Pizza Hut’s Bigga Betta Buffet

Freeflow salad bar and freeflow pizza all for $10++. It’s no wonder Pizza Hut had to discontinue this, Singaporeans would’ve eaten  Pizza Hut into oblivion.

In case you missed the point, FREE-FREAKING-FLOW PIZZA!


4. McCrispy


Flash fried and steam marinated! Singapore’s first widely-celebrated super hero duo Flash Fry and Steam Marinate were the saviours of many hungry stomachs.


The crazily delicious Thai chilli sauce was the only survivor of this limited-time offering from McDonald’s but it was also discontinued a few years later.


 There has been a conspiracy theory floating around about why McDonald’s discontinued the awesome McCrispy, and it concerns the very survival of a rival fast-food chain.


5. Open air hawker centre at Orchard


The hawker centre that was set up at a carpark next to Specialist Shopping Centre was the place to go to in the 1960s to 1970s for food-lovers. It was closed down in 1978 due to overcrowding and hygiene issues.


The Singapore Tourism Board actually revived this idea at the same location at the open air carpark next to Specialist Shopping Centre from 2004 to 2005.

It was a great hangout for youngsters after watching a late night movie at Cathay Cineleisure. Pity, the space has been replaced with Orchard Central.


6. Proper Kacang Puteh outside cinemas


Whatever happened to good ol’ cheap munchies for the movies? Why are we buying popcorn/hot dogs that cost more than the movie ticket?  The kacang puteh man had so many different offerings for us to choose from. Now, we only have sweet or salted. 


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