Racing to the bottom of the barrel, SingTel has managed to top STB's video

Here's another 3 minutes you'll never get back.

Jonathan Lim| April 09, 03:04 PM

Update (10 April, 1250hrs): A SingTel spokesperson has contacted He said that "the video was part of a campaign that ended in March." He added that SingTel had taken note of the comments posted online.

We received a tip-off for this video. We were initially skeptical that this might be an attempt at ambush marketing. But this video is so terribly cheesy that no one with any shred of creative pride would want to let this video see the light of day.

We hope to hear from the director of digital marketing of Singtel on how they managed to bring us a video that is possibly even more incredulous than STB's instant classic.

Err, enjoy?

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