Former Miss S'pore Universe's husband's anti-social Facebook rant results in massive online backlash

Anti-social rhetoric results in him getting trolled. Big time.

Mothership| January 20, 11:29 PM

Update Jan.25, 2014: Briton Anton Casey and his family left for Perth. According to the Straits Times, he apologised again for his remarks and offered to do community work. Casey had also left his company Crossinvest Asia. 

Update Jan. 22, 2014:  In a statement issued through Fulford Public Relations, Anton Casey said that he "would like to extend a sincere apology to the people of Singapore."


In case you've been living under a rock or somehow were unconscious yesterday, it all started with this:


1. A Facebook user, by the name of Anton Casey, shared a photo -- supposedly taken on Jan. 19 -- of his son taking the train with an unprovoked insult directed at MRT train commuters:

anton casey post 1

anton casey post 2


2. Within minutes, this flame-bait was shared across forums, websites and social media.


3. It was soon discovered, Anton Casey is the husband of Miss Singapore Universe 2003, Bernice Wong:



4. Sensing the start of a backlash against him, Anton Casey changed his Facebook name to Anson Stasey in a bid to throw the online crowd off.

But his Facebook account's vanity URL still read

anton casey fb


5. Within a few hours by around 3pm, the Anton Casey account was deactivated. And so was Bernice Wong's Facebook account.


6. But not before the online sleuths trawled through both Anton Casey and Bernice Wong Facebook profiles and found more things to get angry about.

anton casey taxi driver screen shot

anton casey private jet and yacht

anton casey cover photo 1


7. Righteous indignation soon spilled all over the place online and caught the attention of mega trolling Facebook page, SMRT Ltd (Feedback).

They continued the sleuthing and have since found out where Anton Casey works, who he works for and even where he stays.



The moral of the story?

Always set your Facebook account to private.


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