17 Channel 8 drama songs that will make 90s kids feel old

When the 1990s is 20 years ago 90s kids can start to feel old.

By January 6, 2014

Thank the heavens for YouTube so we can all reminisce about our childhood with the TV theme songs of our youths.


1. 春到人 (Springs of Life)

Your voice goes up the loudest at “woah, woah, woah” while the rest of the song just sounds like Chinese rap when you even try.


2. 临门 (Double Happiness)

Double happiness for everyone when producers came up with the sequel, 喜临门 2 (Double Happiness 2) the following year.


3. 兰村 (Holland Village)

One of our first encounters with Holland Village. We also realize how much we love Xie Shao Guang in this show. And yes, it’s been a decade since this show!


4. 小娘惹 (The Little Nyonya)

Who doesn’t remember The Little Nyonya? We just found it ridiculous that the mother looked exactly like the daughter. Oh wait, that’s because they’re acted by the same person. Guess they ran out of budget to get another actress with all the buah keluak they were cooking on set.


5. 试家族 (No Problem)

You actually have a problem with recognizing 8 dramas but this song was just too good.


6. 想握你的手 (Your Hand in Mine)

I mean – how much sadder (and nice) can a song get?


7. 蓝色仙人掌 (Rhapsody in Blue)

When Christopher Lee had that hair. Remember how impressed we were by Boon Hui Lu who acted as Doudou?


8. 拥抱明天 (A Promise for Tomorrow)


Okay, here’s one of my favorite songs to simmer our “anger”.


9. 乒乓圆 (Table of Glory)

One of the few shows Dai Yang Tian starred in after his fame rose with The Little Nyonya.


10. 当我们同在一起 (Together)

Because face it, there was a period of time we watched shows mostly for Dai Yang Tian. You just wanted to be together with him.


11. 顶天立地 (The Reunion)

One of the shows popular actor Chew Chor Meng was part of before he was diagnosed with Kennedy’s disease.


12. 河水山 (Bukit Ho Swee)

One of those whose title we actually remembered. Anyone remembers Bukit Ho Swee Primary School?


13. 非一般妈妈 (To Mum With Love)

Who doesn’t like the idea of having a mother return to guide her daughter after her death?


14. 何日军再来 (In Pursuit Of Peace)


History repeated, you realize how much you really missed the Chinese dramas, and you’re totally at peace with them. This is the oldest show in this list and you probably won’t recognize it until the later stages in the song. It also reminded us how much of Singapore’s history with the Japanese we had to study for Social Studies.


15. 我来也 (Heroes in Black)

Speaking of history, who knew Mediacorp could be good in ancient shows as well?


16. 奔月 (Moon Fairy)

Christopher Lee and Fann Wong. We should have known from the start. This show made ancient Chinese history cool.


17. 真心英雄 (True Heroes)

Let us not forget the 1964 race riots in Singapore’s history as well. The latest riots reminded us of the true heroes in Singapore.


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