7 things you can partake of in Little India this weekend to prove you’re a rebel

So hardcore.

By Belmont Lay | December 13, 2013

An alcohol ban will be in place this weekend in Little India following last Sunday’s riot.

Nobody is allowed to consume alcohol as all 374 establishments such as hotels, pubs, eateries, coffee shops, liquor shops and convenience stores will not be allowed to sell it.

The roughly 1.1 sq km zone covering a large part of Serangoon Road has been declared as a “proclaimed area” under the Public Order (Preservation) Act and shall be alcohol-free.

Anyone caught inebriated or drinking can and will be arrested.

However, grey areas abound.

To test the limits of the law, here are 7 things you can bring to and partake in Little India this weekend that will make you a rebel:


1. Boston clam chowder


Boston clam chowder will pose a serious challenge to authority.

This is because the soup is made up of stock, diced potato, onions and drippings from bacon — plus a dash of wine vinegar.

Wine vinegar is technically not alcohol anymore, as it has been broken down into acetic acid and water.

But still, it is a by-product of alcohol.


2. Red glutinous wine chicken (Hong zao ji)


This, on the other hand, obviously contains alcohol.

Known as a traditional confinement food, what if a mother openly eats this in public? Will anyone get arrested for eating alcohol-infused chicken?


3. Beer battered fish and chips


It is not okay to drink beer, but will it be okay to eat it?

That is the real question.


4. Tiramisu


This dessert is the most deceptive and misleading of all the foods here. This is because it can contain far more alcohol than the average watered-down beer — but it looks like cake.

Imagine: Will the cops haul you off while you stuff your face with cake and your mouth smeared with cream?


5. Beef stew


This boring looking stew thing could contain as much as three glasses of red wine.


6. Fish head noodle soup


Oh look! Innocuous-looking Chinese food with noodles and fragments of fish head.

With XO brandy. Yum yum!


7. Chawanmushi


No way. How is this baby food remotely alcohol-infused?

Well, because it is made from egg, stock, soya sauce and mirin, a type of sweet alcohol.


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