6 underground social communities that will get you excited about S’pore

Where like-minded people gather just because.

By Krystle Tse | November 1, 2013

Let’s face it. Singapore is a really small island and it can get a bit dull sometimes.

It’s so dull sometimes our main source of entertainment comes from the likes of watching the black belt security guard who won a gongfu fight.

Or the spitting man in the blue shirt.

Our main dinner highlight is the yell of, “AUNTY LAI LIAO!” and the mad dash out of the hawker centre that follows.

Fed up with the boredom, here are some new activities to get you energised about living in Singapore again.

Best part? They’re (mostly) FREE!


1. Tête-à-Tête Language Tables

This monthly pop up language café connects fluent speakers and learners over books, food and drinks, games and casual conversations.

English is strictly not allowed at the event, which is held at a different location every month. Current repertoire include Deutsch, 日本の, Français, 华语, Español, Italiano and a lot of cross cultural laughs.


Tête-à-Tête Language Tables


2. Books & Beer

Turn up with old books. Swap old books for pre-loved books you’ve never read before. Chat up your new friend about said books. Have a beer. Repeat the next month.


Their aims? Read, recycle, rehydrate and be regaled.


3. SG Tipsy Trivia

Another monthly event combining liquid courage and good times, Singapore style. Gives us new ways to love our country!

Here’s a sneak peak on what to expect:

1) How well do you know your Kueh?


2)      Zoe Tay, the Queen of Caldecott Hill, was featured in an infamous ad where the tagline was “I swallow”. What was the name of the product she promoted?


4. TEDx Singapore – Ideas Worth Spreading

An independent spin-off from the TED talks based in America, this 100% community driven group conducts talks on a wide range of subjects to cultivate learning, inspire creative conversations and offer unexpected insights.

Many free events await, without the burden of commercial, religious or political agenda. Recommended for individuals who get excited being in the midst of world-changing ideas.


Be amazed by what you find outside your field and life experiences.


5. Apéro Entrepreneurs


Happy Hours are the best time of the work week.

Combine that with motivated entrepreneurs in a relaxed atmosphere and you got a winner. No stiff formats, stuffy pitches or boring presentations. Groups gather to squeeze in some laughs, good conversations and exchange thoughts and ideas.


6. Science Café


Held every last Thursday of the month, this event invites science professionals to speak in a casual setting and discuss scientific issues of the day. Past topics include Critical Thinking, Animal Learning and Behaviour, and Gambling: How to Lose More Slowly.


Hungry for more? Check out the list, a calendar of mostly free events in Singapore.


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