Gong Cha Korea launches ‘Tteokbokki’ pearl milk tea from Apr. 1, 2024

An unexpected crossover.

Winnie Li | April 02, 2024, 09:23 AM



While businesses in Singapore celebrated April Fool's Day by pulling various pranks on Apr. 1, 2024, Gong Cha Korea decided to launch a new drink combining the popular Korean dish, Tteokbokki, also known as stir-fried rice cake, with pearl milk tea.

Called "Pearlbokki milk tea", the unusual combo is achieved by boiling the tapioca pearls in Tteobokki sauce, according to a promotional video uploaded by the brand on its Instagram page.

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In another Instagram post, Gong Cha Korea also revealed that the pearls for the new drink will be placed in a separate container on top of the milk tea, presumably to avoid mixing up their flavours.

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According to Korean media outlet Hankyung, the Pearlbokki milk tea will only be available for a limited time.

The new drink features larger-than-usual pearls and comes in two flavours: original (which tastes sweet and spicy) and mala spicy.

Customers who are keen to give it a try can order the Pearlbokki as an additional topping.

The original flavour costs 2,300 won (S$2.30), whereas the mala spicy flavour costs 2,500 won (S$2.50).

Mixed reviews

So far, reviews for the unconventional drink appear mixed.

A Xiaohongshu user who goes by the username @夏夏爱分享 said she was surprised by how tasty the Pearlbokki was and how well it went together with the milk tea.

She also shared that she would be purchasing it again in the future.

In contrast, another Xiaohongshu user, who goes by the username @Ayuan_uu, described the drink as “horrifying”, adding that she had to spend a few hours in the toilet after drinking it.

“Do not ever, ever try it,” she warned.

Another example of Gong Cha's creativity

The Pearlbokki milk tea was not the first time Gong Cha added a creative spin to its offerings.

In September 2022, Gong Cha Singapore launched two tomato-flavoured bubble teas, Pomato Bomb and Berry Mary, in collaboration with food company Heinz.

Ingredients for the former include tomato, pear, and pomegranate, whereas the latter was flavoured with tomato and raspberry.

Happy April Fool's

Top images via @夏夏爱分享/Xiaohongshu