CPIB completes investigation on Iswaran, case pending AGC review

They said it is not appropriate to comment more at this juncture.

Hannah Martens | January 09, 2024, 07:14 PM



The Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau's (CPIB) investigation into Minister for Transport S. Iswaran has been completed and is currently being reviewed by the Attorney-General's Chambers, said Minister Chan Chun Sing, on behalf of the Prime Minister.

In a written response to Progress Singapore Party's Hazel Poa's parliamentary question asking for an update on the CPIB's investigation of Iswaran, Chan said that he understands there is much public interest in the matter.

"I want to give my assurance that this case will be put through the due legal process," he added, stating that the CPIB has completed a "robust and thorough investigation".

"The matter is currently being reviewed by the Attorney-General's Chambers. It would, therefore, not be appropriate to comment on the matter at this juncture," he added.

CPIB investigating Iswaran since May 2023

CPIB came across information on Iswaran during another investigation.

This started a quiet investigation in May 2023, and PM Lee was alerted to it on May 29, 2023.

On Jul. 5, CPIB told PM Lee that they had attained adequate information to launch a formal investigation into Iswaran. PM Lee gave the director of CPIB his concurrence to launch a formal investigation.

Iswaran was subsequently arrested by CPIB on Jul. 11 and released on bail.

He was arrested on the same day as billionaire hotelier Ong Beng Seng.

 PM Lee instructed Iswaran to take a leave of absence until CPIB's investigations are completed.

Senior Minister of State Chee Hong Tat is currently the Acting Minister for Transport.

PM Lee said that Iswaran does not have access to any official resources and government buildings during his leave of absence.

He is also to remain in Singapore while investigations are ongoing.

CPIB stated that it is unable to provide further details about the case while investigations are ongoing.

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