3 men arrested for allegedly selling gun & ammunition to 14-year-old Siam Paragon shooting suspect

The suspected shooter bought the gun for S$593.60.

Brenda Khoo | October 05, 2023, 04:35 PM



Three men have been arrested on Oct. 5 for allegedly selling a handgun to a 14-year-old teenager charged with a shooting attack at Siam Paragon mall in Bangkok.

The teenager had reportedly modified the handgun, which was designed to fire blanks, to fire live rounds.

The teen has since been charged with the murder of two people and injuring five others in a shooting at Bangkok's Siam Paragon mall on Oct. 3.

The two people killed were a 34-year-old Chinese woman and a Burmese woman.

The five wounded were a Chinese woman, a 28-year-old Lao woman, and three Thai nationals.

3 men arrested

According to Bangkok Post, the men were arrested in Bangkok and Yala for allegedly selling weapons and ammunition to the suspected shooter, including a blank gun and bullets.

Suwananhong Phramkhanajarn, 45, and Akkharawit Jaithong, 22, were arrested in Yala on Oct. 5 at 1am for colluding in illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, and selling these without a permit.

Yala is located in southern Thailand.

The police seized 209 rounds of bullets for blank guns, 33 metal parts, and two bank accounts, among other items.

The third man, Piyabut, 30, was arrested separately in Bangkok. 

Suwannahong and Akkharawit have so far denied all charges.

Bought for S$593

The teen allegedly bought the gun from the three men for 16,000 baht (S$593.60).

He had earlier contacted the online gun seller, but hesitated at the relatively high price and instead ordered 9mm bullets at 1,000 baht (S$37.09) from the seller.

Subsequently, he decided to order the blank gun after borrowing money through an online money lending application and transferring the funds to Suwannahong's bank account, the Bangkok Post reported.

The sellers then sent the gun to his condo.

A previous Reuters report noted that the suspected gunman claimed to have suffered from a psychological breakdown.

He reportedly began the attack after hearing a "noise" which told him to shoot.

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