Michelle Yeoh & Ke Huy Quan among celebs spotted in S'pore during F1 weekend

More to come.

Lee Wei Lin | September 16, 2023, 08:51 PM



It's Formula 1 (F1) weekend and there are plenty of famous people in town.

And no, we're not referring to the ones who are performing as part of the entertainment lineup.

Rather, these personalities are in Singapore to soak up the festivities, or to attend other events happening this weekend.

Here's a non-exhaustive list of who's been spotted in town:

Michelle Yeoh

Photo from JJ Lin's Instagram

JJ Lin ran into the Malaysian actress while at the race.

Ke Huy Quan

Photo from Aaron Khaled's Instagram

Ke Huy Quan has been in Singapore for a few days now, and stayed to catch the F1 race.

Kai Ko and Chen Bolin

Photo from Kai Ko's Instagram

Taiwanese actors Kai Ko and Chen Bolin attended an ARC the Community event on Sep. 15.

The company's co-founders include JJ Lin and Elroy Cheo, and brands itself as Asia's most curated community in Web3.

Jaycee Chan

Photo from Simon Khung's Instagram

Also at the ARC event was Jaycee Chan, who is also known as Jackie Chan's son.


Photo from Simon Khung's Instagram

The former Big Bang member was also present.

Eric Nam

Photo from Eric Nam's Instagram

The Korean singer presented an award to Carlos Sainz after the Ferrari driver took pole position for the Sep. 17 race.

Eric Chou

Photo from Eric Chou's Instagram

This is the Taiwanese singer's first time watching the F1 race.

Super Junior's Siwon & Pentagon's Kino

Photo from David Yong's Instagram

Super Junior's Siwon and Pentagon's Kino seemed to have enjoyed the F1 practice rounds on Sep. 15.

With the finals happening on Sep. 17, we're sure that there'll be a lot more celeb-spotting to be done.

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Top photos from JJ Lin & Aaron Khaled's respective Instagram pages