Children tied to seats with belts at Choa Chu Kang Kinderland preschool, 3rd case of alleged mistreatment

A reader who reached out to Mothership alleged that such a practice has been going on since 2021.

Matthias Ang | August 31, 2023, 08:14 PM



Another incident of alleged mistreatment involving a Kinderland preschool teacher and the children under their care has emerged.

According to a Mothership reader Linda (not her real name), who reached out, the incident occurred at the Kinderland preschool at Sunshine Place in Choa Chu Kang, and involved an English teacher at the school.

English teacher allegedly used belt to tie her child to a chair

Linda claimed that she first discovered her son was allegedly being ill-treated on Apr. 20 when she saw a photo on the preschool's app for parents, which showed two children tied down to their chairs, including her own son.

Screenshot courtesy of Mothership reader

Photo courtesy of Mothership reader

Linda alleged that when she called the preschool immediately upon seeing the photo, the principal explained that her child had been tied down as he was pushing the chair when the teacher wanted to get a group photo.

The teacher then allegedly took a belt to make him stay seated.

According to Linda, the principal said it was the first time she had heard of such a practice and added that she would tell the teacher to stop engaging in such an action.

Linda also claimed the principal denied that a second child had been tied down with a belt as seen in the photo.

Principal allegedly told parent her child likes being tied down with a belt

In addition, the principal purportedly clarified that her son had been tied down during the teacher's English classes as well, that he likes it and will cooperate upon seeing the belt, and that this action by the teacher had lasted for two weeks.

Following the phone call, the photo was apparently removed by about 3pm on Apr. 20, Linda claimed.

She has since withdrawn her son to attend another preschool.

She also shared an email that the Early Childhood Development Agency sent in response to her feedback about the matter.

According to the email, ECDA said the teacher's actions were inappropriate following their investigations, and that they have taken actions against the centre and the staff.

Image courtesy of Mothership reader

The email did not specify what the actions were.

Linda further alleged that the teacher in question is still teaching at the centre.

Tying children to chairs with belts has been going on since 2021

A second reader by the name of Becky (not her real name) also reached out to Mothership, alleging that the actions of using a belt to tie children to chairs has been going on for at least two years.

Becky claimed that in April 2021, she was informed verbally by the same English teacher that her child had been tied up in class as he was too active and was disruptive to the rest of the class.

Becky further alleged that when she raised the issue with the principal, the principal said her child had been "buckled, not tied".

This reader also shared photos from the same period, purportedly showing a child tied up in the class of the 48-year-old teacher who was arrested on Aug. 29, for smacking a boy on the head several times and pushing him away.

Photo courtesy of Mothership reader

Photo courtesy of Mothership reader

Becky said she did not make a report to ECDA at that time, however, as she thought it was a one-off incident.

Mothership has reached out to both ECDA and Kinderland for more information on the matter.

Third incident of alleged mistreatment

This is the third incident of purported mistreatment to have occurred at a Kinderland preschool.

Kinderland confirmed in an Aug. 29 statement the aforementioned 48-year-old teacher has been suspended.

As for the first incident, it involved a 33-year-old teacher purportedly ill-treating children at Kinderland's Woodlands Mart preschool.

She was arrested, charged with the ill-treatment of a child, and remanded at IMH.

According to Kinderland, the 33-year-old has also been fired.

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