S’pore online store launches S$35 ‘Populist’ t-shirt

Looks familiar.

Yen Zhi Yi | July 15, 2023, 07:49 AM

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Pretty sure you've seen some interesting t-shirt designs around.

Here’s another one.

Local online store, Hashtag65, recently launched a new t-shirt design that looks suspiciously familiar.

Image via Hashtag65

Featuring a bright red colour and a logo that looks like that of Popular bookstore, one might think that the shirt is an employee’s uniform, except it’s not.

The striking white words spell out “Populist” instead, while the logo itself is slightly different from the bookstore chain's one.

Priced at S$35 each, the t-shirt comes in three colours - red, white and black.

The sizes range from S to 2XL, and the shirt material is 100 per cent cotton.

The shirt design (lowkey) is likely referring to Speaker of the Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin's use of unparliamentary language during a parliament sitting.

He was reportedly heard muttering "f**king populist" under his breath, and was caught on hot mic.

@mothershipsg Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin has apologized to MP Jamus Lim regarding this incident #tiktoksg #sgnews #sgparliament ♬ News / Medical / Science / Mysterious(1143899) - Lyrebirds music

Other designs

Besides the "populist" red shirt, it also launched a black TikTok-themed t-shirt, with the words "connect to home WiFi".

Image via Hashtag65

The quote seemingly alludes to the United States' congressional hearing with TikTok's Chief Executive Officer Chew Shou Zi, during which one representative asked if TikTok could access one's home WiFi.

@mothershipsg In other news, swimming pools are being probed to see if they use water #tiktoksg #congress #uscongress ♬ original sound .sg - Mothership

The store also has a collection of chicken-themed t-shirts, some of which seem to be based off other well-known brands.

Image via Hashtag65

In response to Mothership's queries, Popular said it does not support or endorse the t-shirt.

Check out more of the store's interesting t-shirt designs here.

Top images via Hashtag65