Bishan-AMK Park otters have 5 new baby pups, which makes them a family of 10 in total

This shows they are thriving just fine in Singapore's human-infested territories.

Belmont Lay| February 11, 10:19 PM

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The family of five otters -- consisting of two adults and three pups -- has doubled their numbers to 10 after five new pups were believed to be born in late December 2015.

The new arrivals are believed to be some one-and-a-half months old.

A video of the large family -- consisting of two adults and eight pups -- frolicking in the water, was taken by Fast Snail, Singapore's foremost otter chronicler.


NEWS - First Appearance of 5 new pups from Bishan-AMK otter family! Based on observation, these pups are born...

Posted by Fast Snail on Thursday, February 11, 2016


This news of otters giving birth to more pups in Singapore should be good news as it shows the ecosystem, even in Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park's man-made river, is conducive for wildlife to thrive.

The first time this particular family of otters made waves was in April 2015.

Then, two adult otters -- believed to have swam over from Malaysia in the north to Singapore -- were caught on camera with triplet baby pups in tow, having settled down in Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.

They have since been caught on camera numerous times, warming up to local Singaporeans and going to the extent of mingling and integrating with them and even playing tag.

The otter family of five then succumbed to touristy pressure and went on a Singapore tour, visiting St Andrew's Junior College, Gardens By The Bay and even The [email protected] Bay among other places.

However, one of the otter pups was subsequently injured after a fishing line hook got tossed into the water by an angler and caught onto its leg.

It later miraculously recovered without suffering any further visible injuries or deterioration.


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Top photo via video by Fast Snail

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